About Jenn

Name: Jenn, Jennifer, Mom!! (but only 4 people get to call me that)

Skill level: Intermediate-ish

Day Job: SAHM

Location: Prairie (NE Oklahoma)

Hoards: Whatever I fancy, but not limited to books, fabric, and vintage pie plates.

Reads: Everything except romance novels 

Admires: My dad! But since this is a quilting blog, I guess we'll go there. Rachel at Stitched in Color. And many others, that's just the first person I started following when I discovered the online world of quilting.

Loves: Color!  

Is also into: Embroidery, hand-quilting, general craftiness, baking (not cooking), trying not to kill the things I plant, my family, walking

Quilting/sewing bucket list: Wholecloth; Joseph's Coat (traditional pieced); two-color; Lone Star

Some finishes from Jenn:




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