Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A WIP Quadry

Granted this isn't too "difficult" a situation, but still, who hasn't been in a state of uncertainty, or perplexed at just how they should go about quilted a finished, basted top? Of course, before the era of the Juki (let's now refer to it as Juki-bc...uh oh, I hope that's not blasphemous, maybe we should go with preFMQ...?) I would've just straight-line stitched it. I straight-line stitched everything (ok, I did hand quilt on occasion). And I loved it! But now? Well the whole world is open to free motion possibility!! Oh, the days before possibility! So, how would you quilt this? Pearle cotton on the negative space echoing the geese? Straight-line? Loops? Someone be brilliant and help me out :) I'll love you forever, I promise. Okay, I probably like you for always. 

Yeah, it's been folded for almost a week....

This quilt should probably have it's own day in the sun, except it's been so windy for so long (that whole "sweeping down the plains" thing), that this morning was the only calm moment to take a decent (and I use the term decent loosely) picture. You may remember this fabric from this post almost HOLY CRA... *sigh* like a year ago. In good news, I revamped it and it's done :) yaaay

Can you see the spot where I totally forgot to quilt??

Guess what?! I found a local MODERN quilt shop in Tulsa!! It's called the Owl and Drum and is close enough to my son's physical therapy place that I may end up spending hundreds of dollars there... So good and bad. While exploring the first time, I picked up most of these fabrics, then added a few from my stash. 

 And then that became this. 
And I'm not sure I love it.... 
Thanks to the encouragement of a couple of instagramers (mine is @jennrperkins) I'll be adding some aqua blocks to mellow out the yellow. Which is screaming hello to you. The yseams have been something awful, and I still have 43 blocks to go. Now is when I wish I knew how to paper piece, had this pattern in paper piecing, and my printer worked. But, since I don't have/know any of that, it's good, old tradition for me. 

Thanks for coming this way-


  1. oh I love the stars on gold. So dynamic. Quilting choices are so hard. The quilting line adds so much to the whole.
    Actually, personally, I might just do straight lines. For instance I might start at the long edge of the down triangle in the middle, go along that keep going across the others, all the way over. Then do another repetitive line next to it. Crossing up and down. That said, there are lots of quilting sites with suggestions and tutorials of hundreds of possibilities of free motion work. Good luck.
    Not Afraid of Color!

  2. That flying geese quilt is lovely! Straight lines would look great, or maybe straight lines in the blue and wavy in swirls on the geese? And yay for a finished quilt!

  3. I find that I either know exactly how I am going to quilt before I even finish the quilt OR I sit and stare at it basted coming up with nothing. Something that helps me out when I am at that staring stage is to go to google (or your favorite search engine) and search images - something like "quilting flying geese" - you might end up with more ideas than you know what to do with ;) As for the negative space - I'd go with something swirly, like wind blowing your geese around. Sorry, imagination is running a little wild this morning haha

  4. I would quilt the negative space to look like wind, with lots of waves and swirls.

  5. I can't be helpful as I'm not good at FMQ, but I did want to comment anyway :-) (Visiting from Let's bee social) Your golden blocks are great- and I think tossing in more aqua would create a great effect.

  6. I love the yellow! I love aqua too, and it will be beautiful if you add it, but based on what I'm seeing I don't think you really need to. It's bright, happy, and absolutely lovely.

  7. Whoops! The quilting thing. Do you want to emphasize the geometry or contrast it with the quilting. If you want to emphasize, I'd go with the straight lines echoing the geese. If you decide on contrast, some simple loops or swirls, or maybe something that looks like clouds?

  8. I think you should straight line quilt the flying geese accentuating the flying geese. I love how you finished the turquoise quilt. It's so fun to see the old WIP's finished. I really like the yellow, I think you should do the whole thing yellow!

  9. Thanks for joining the party at the Let's Bee Social, Jenn! It's sew nice to meet you! Your geese look great.... I love that background. I love straight line quilting and spiral quilting is really cool. If you are new to FMQ, I would recommend starting on smaller projects and working up to a full sized quilt. What a great new shop you found. Those fabrics are sure sweet!

  10. Not that it's going to come as a surprise, but i would straight line the geese quilt :) Random horizontal and vertical lines and maybe perle cotton the actual geese? I'm sure what ever you come up with sill be awesome!
    And it's interesting to see that your current quilt, the one from a year a go, your geese quilt and the stack you just bought are all super close in colour... favorite colour story i'm guessing :)

  11. I would like to add a ditto and an Amen to everything you just said about FMQ. And also, I have no suggestions about the quilting.
    I cannot see the part you forgot to quilt...? YAY for getting a finish, though! Look how similar the colors are to your new project (which I LOVE!) I like the suggestion to add some turquoise blocks. Y-seams are waaaaaay harder than paper piecing.