Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday WIP

Let's have a little chat about these pictures (okay, that first one really sucks, I don't know what's wrong with my iPad). Anyway, I'm really sick of working with 2" squares. I mean, really sick of it. I've been trying to convince myself that I can make just one block a day. Everything is cut and ready to piece, so surely I can do just that? Nope, I can't. As much as I LOVE the HR prints, and love the pattern, I just can't. So, I've done what I have tried so hard not to, started other projects. Which brings us to...

Flying geese. This is really my first attempt at them. Why I did it in solids and not prints I will never know. I mean, at least prints would have hid the glaring lost points. Some points are lost just in the bulk of the seam, not sew in. Others I just sucked at :) 
Turns out, I'm a perfectionist at heart, but much too lazy to actually follow through with that perfectionism. Ack! The ADD and OCD are fighting! It's a lifelong battle and I have no idea who will actually win. 

I do love the Kona solids I picked out. The blue is actually "Celestial" and not navy. A fantastic color, if you ask me. Which I'm sure you did :) The green is a little bright, but oh well, what're ya gonna do? 

This is what I can hardly wait to work with! The gray bundle and the tealish bundle will be a quilt (kaleidoscope?) and the Vintage Happy will be a churn dash quilt. I can wait a little longer because it just makes me happy looking at them and imagining their destinies. And petting them. And...mmmm...yum. I do love fabric....

I also have two baby quilts I need to start/finish. And about 4 super old WIPs. Ugh, how do I get myself in these situations?! Tell me I'm not alone, it might make me feel better :)

Have a good one

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  1. Haha, funny Post. Don't be so hard to you. I cannot see anything at the flying geese from the picture so it cannot be that Bad ;-)

  2. love all your work going on and I fully understand the add / ocd battle -- a constant stressor of mine, esp cause add usually wins.

  3. Promise, you're alone. I've got about a billion things going right now, in various states of done-ness.

    And I like the bright green. It fits pretty well with the others.

  4. You are so not alone. The statement about being a perfectionist but too lazy to follow through struck a nerve with me too. I think you gotta go with what you're inspired for in the moment, but somehow finish things too. Otherwise it's a pretty big risk of all starts and no finishes. I've been there.

  5. Your geese blocks are lovely! I've noticed that Kona Navy almost looks black when I photograph it inside, so I can believe yours is a Celestial. I love your fabric stacks! I've been collecting greys and light aqua/teals to make a quilt--I had been planning a storm at sea, but now the plan is a medallion. A kaleidoscope will be lovely too!

  6. You are definitely not alone. I've got close to 20 WIPs. I can't see that you cut points on your flying geese -- call them wonky! :) Nothing wrong with taking a break from the 2" squares!

  7. Honestly the geese look great! I REALLY like to colors too,

  8. Oh man, I really love the quilts on your wall! The colors are so so pretty. I think flying geese are really fun to make, even though I sorta suck at them. Yours look great in that blurry picture ;)