Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Facing East with Paws

Jenn here. I know, right? I haven't been on here since July!! Geez! My excuses? While many, really just boil down to laziness. And this year, even though my Sweetie bought me my dream machine, I haven't done nearly as much sewing as last year. I'm blaming that on my autoimmune issues. I'm just so freakin tired! Here and here, if you're interested in learning about them. And both of them together? Suck balls. Wait, are we allowed to say that?? Hmm...maybe I should rephrase that. "And both of them together? Just...super cool."  

Anyway, I have actually done stuff. Including July, I have in fact, finished two quilt tops, and am in the process of putting together a third. So that's good, right? Okay, I also quilted one of them, just need to add the binding. Ugh, I hate that part. 

So here's the pics of my tops. 

Okay, I love, love, LOVE Acorn Trial!! I'm not sure why my camera won't capture the true colors, but whatever. That was the layout I was gonna go with, but ended up with this instead. Now I have a bunch of 6" bear paw blocks leftover that I get to do something with. And I'm most certainly not complaining about that! This is also the quilt top I've quilted and just need to bind. Once again, ugh. 

I did back it in one of Alison Glass' new Handcrafted batiks. I'm very picky about my batiks, but I love every one in her new line! I'll put up a pic when I get the binding on. Ergh. 

I've been sitting on this since July. I adore Carolyn Friedlander's Facing East pattern! I know, I know. It's for my friend who has ovarian cancer. Luckily, every last speck of cancer was removed with the initial surgery and she's not even on heavy duty chemo! Just maintenance meds and a special diet. Miracles and tender mercies! I just need a fabulous backing and someone to quilt it to amazing perfection. That's possible, yes? I'd do it myself, but my FMQ skills are quite lacking. I'm working on that, slowly but surely. If you can recommend anyone with awesome skills that I can send this to, please do. Thanks!

So that's that. Not really. When my husband told me he custom-ordered a fourth smoker, I maybe bought hundreds of dollars worth of fabric that I've been coveting and now need to use.... I may or may not show you pics of my fabric-fest. It's really quite embarrassing, but oh so delicious. 
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The end. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My oldest WIP

I'm not sure when I made this quilt top.  I don't know if Kirsten was even born yet!  I knew NOTHING about quilting.  This truly is a scrap quilt.  90% of the fabric is leftover from making my sister's or daughter's clothes.  When I pulled it out to make a quilt sandwich I found so many problems.  Then I remembered why I had never finished it.  I pieced the borders, so silly!  I didn't own a rotary cutter and mat so the squares are not even.  I even found holes in the piecing. Most of the fabric is a poly cotton blend, heehee. There are yellow stains that I thought were from aging.  Actually, that is a funny story.  It's yellow spray paint.  My MIL was planning a visit to our little condo and I wanted to stencil yellow sunflowers on the walls, don't laugh, it was the 90's.  I was standing on the high chair, I didn't own a ladder and could not afford one. I pulled something out of the closet and a can of yellow spray paint fell out and hit the high chair.  You know those warnings on spray paint bottles about not puncturing them. Well, it's true, don't do it.  That can went flying through the air, bouncing off the walls, spraying a lovely fine mist all over everything until the can was completely empty.  A FULL CAN!  Man I wish I had a picture. Usually when I tell people this story they say, "don't you know you are not supposed to store spray paint in your house".  Well, no! Anyway, here it is in all it's glory.  I am so happy that it I finally finished!

What was I thinking with that purple and blue row?  I wish I had used a vintage sheet for the back, but alas I did not!
Miss you lovelies,

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Joyce's Quilt

I finished Joyce's quilt, but I had a problem.  Without thinking about it I drew lines, one inch squares, on the sashing with a pencil to FMQ.  Come to find out pencil does not come out of 100% cotton.  So I sprayed it with spray' n' wash and washed it again, it didn't come out.  Then I researched how to get pencil out of fabric.  They said to erase it.  I tried it, about 20% came out.  Then I took a toothbrush and some Biz and I scrubbed every inch.  It worked, thank goodness.  I LOVE this quilt!  I love the colors, esp. the background fabric.  I love the quilting, I tried something new, flower power by the Inbox Jaunt. I love the pattern, log cabin, I will be using this pattern again.  I love the binding, Calliope by riley blake.  It's the first time I have used binding that is from a different line than the rest of the quilt.  I am proud of myself, I am not confident in mixing different fabric lines.  The rest of the quilt is Figtree, Mirabelle and Avalon.  I learn so much every time I make a quilt.  I really enjoyed making this quilt.  I enjoyed the process more than ever.

Goodnight lovelies,

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Callee's finished quilt

I am so happy to report that Callee is cancer free.  What a sweet blessing!  She had her last radiation treatment two weeks ago and last week her sweet Brinlee was sealed to their family forever.  (I wish I had a picture).  I had forgotten to put up the pictures of the finished quilt.  I have been working on a ton of stuff but have really neglected our blog since I found instagram!

Have a fabulous day, lovelies!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fighting Like Girls-WIP Wednesday

Jenn here-

This year started out emotionally difficult for myself, but nothing like what my dear friend Emily is going through. Her father died two years ago, her mother last year (car accident), she's had 6 or so miscarriages in the past year and half and just two weeks ago, she was diagnosed with stage 3b (or 4, depending on pathology) ovarian cancer.

And...she's the most amazing person I have ever met!! She's a writer, a marriage and family therapist (day job), and works with the deaf community.

So what do quilters do when their close friends are in trouble? They quilt! I've been wanting to learn paper piecing for about two years now. I even paid money for Don't Call Me Betsy's Lucky Stars BOM club (which is beautiful)...for BOTH years and never stitched a paper stitch.

Until now. I suppose cancer calls for some paper piecing.

My first block, see that giant pucker? What the...?
I had Carolyn Friedlander's 'Savor Every Stitch' book in my Amazon cart for a while, just not sure if I should click that check out button. But when I happened upon the Facing East quilt along on Instagram #facingeastqal (hosted by citystitches), I was sold! The pattern is absolutely perfect for Emily, even if I have to learn how to paper piece.

It's so easy!! Why I waited so long is beyond me! I have a few more blocks to do, then I'll be done.

But, now I'm not sure how to proceed. Do you tear the paper off before you put the blocks together? Or after? Or does it even matter? And holy schnikes Batman, that's a lot of fabric waste! Do you keep those scraps for later paper piecing? I've never been too much of a scrap keeper, but this hurts my heart a little. And if you keep the paper on, do you just tape it to your design wall? Cause it ain't stickin' with all that paper on back. And does paper piecing take longer than traditional piecing, or am  I just slow?? There seems to be a lot of extra steps, like folding paper, and extra cutting. Just me??

Anyway, I've got plans to incorporate the "color" for ovarian cancer, which is TEAL. Which I have a lot of. I mean...A. LOT.

I gotta put the rest aside, and get back to sewing, gotta be quick on this one :/ But thankfully the way the cancer presented itself (hard rocks) it may have saved her life.
You can get to know Emily and her sweet husband (a playwright for Broadway and UncommonGoods) via her blog. You won't regret it. And if you'd like to donate to help with the medical expenses (which would be AWESOME and I'd love you forever), that's  here.

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