Friday, May 16, 2014

Quilt By Numbers Mini Swap

When I found out my guild was swapping minis, I was nervous!  I've never made a quilt for a quilter before, let alone a famous-ish quilter like Sukie or From The Blue Chair.  There's some heavy hitters in the SLMQG!

***EDIT- I 'm entering this in the blogger's quilt festival, just for fun!  I feel so excited and proud that my skills have improved enough that I feel like I have something to contribute.  (Even if the back is a mess, haha!)  Check out all the other entries at Amy's Creative Side.

I really stretched myself while making this mini.  I'm not sure I did the process the "right" way, I'm not even sure there is a "right" way!  I've never appliqu├ęd before, so I was making it up as I went along.  For example, when and how do I applique this thing?  I opted to quilt, then applique, which resulted in an ugly back:

And also am I ever, EVER, E . V . E . R . going to get the hang of machine binding?

I got to bring home this adorable hashtaggy mini from Creative Quilt Girl:

If you're interested, here's a photo essay on how to make your very own Paint By Numbers quilt in 427 tedious steps:


XOXO- Pinspot

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Friday, May 2, 2014

A lesson in applique
I have appliqued a few things in my life.  I've never had a lesson or read how to do it.  So I really have no idea what I'm doing.  The Girls camp leader, my friend Brandi, asked me if I would help her with the girls camp flag.  She brought it over and laid it on the table.  The girls had used a marker to trace the flower petals and had left little spots of marker on the edges.  They also had done a 12-13 yr. job of cutting, shockingly!  I thought it really needed to be appliqued on for it to look half way decent, so I volunteered.  At this point it was just the lotus flower and leaf.  Totally doable.  I told my friend to take it home and clean up the marker and straighten the edges and iron on the flower with light weight wonder under.  She laughed and said, " I don't have an ironing board".  YOU DON'T HAVE AN IRONING BOARD?  How does this happen?  Brandi is a beautiful, well put together woman, she always looks fabulous.  I iron my outfit EVERY DAY!  So I asked her why she never looks wrinkled. She says she has this setting on her dryer, wrinkle shield with steam.  She says its amazing.  And she sends her husbands shirts to the dry cleaner.  I think, I have a new dryer, I wonder if it has a "with steam" button.  Sure enough.  Life changing, I tell you, life changing!
I told Brandi to watch a youtube video on wonder under and she would be able to accomplish this task.  She later thanks me for turning her on to the amazing world of youtube.
The Lotus flower turned out awesome and ended up being very easy to applique.  I dropped it off at her house and she asks if I think it would be ok if she paints the words on.  I gasped in horror!  This work of art ruined with PAINT!  No way.  So Brandi cut out the letters, stuck them on with wonder under and brought the flag back over for me to applique.  Much harder job,  more time consuming, but I learned a lot.
The moral of the story:  if someone asks you if you sew say no and run for the hills!
Not really, I love it and I really love helping my friends!
Have a happy day my lovelies!

A pouch

 For Relief Society this week we are having a birthday party and have been asked to bring a wrapped gift under $5.  It is supposed to represent something you love, or is your favorite.  Since I LOVE the pouch Mindy gave me for Christmas I thought I would make one as my gift.  This pouch shows many things I love.  Fabric, sewing, quilting and a little bit of See's candy.  I tried to copy Pretty By Hand but was not successful.  My fabric matching skills need work.  Can you tell which square does not belong?  I should have put the squares up on my design wall for a day or two before I sewed them together.  Oh well, live and learn!

I have an update.  My friend Lisa was the first to choose a present.  She saw me bring mine in and consequently chose it.  She was thrilled!  It was fun to see this little pouch go to someone that will appreciate and use it.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A WIP Quadry

Granted this isn't too "difficult" a situation, but still, who hasn't been in a state of uncertainty, or perplexed at just how they should go about quilted a finished, basted top? Of course, before the era of the Juki (let's now refer to it as Juki-bc...uh oh, I hope that's not blasphemous, maybe we should go with preFMQ...?) I would've just straight-line stitched it. I straight-line stitched everything (ok, I did hand quilt on occasion). And I loved it! But now? Well the whole world is open to free motion possibility!! Oh, the days before possibility! So, how would you quilt this? Pearle cotton on the negative space echoing the geese? Straight-line? Loops? Someone be brilliant and help me out :) I'll love you forever, I promise. Okay, I probably like you for always. 

Yeah, it's been folded for almost a week....

This quilt should probably have it's own day in the sun, except it's been so windy for so long (that whole "sweeping down the plains" thing), that this morning was the only calm moment to take a decent (and I use the term decent loosely) picture. You may remember this fabric from this post almost HOLY CRA... *sigh* like a year ago. In good news, I revamped it and it's done :) yaaay

Can you see the spot where I totally forgot to quilt??

Guess what?! I found a local MODERN quilt shop in Tulsa!! It's called the Owl and Drum and is close enough to my son's physical therapy place that I may end up spending hundreds of dollars there... So good and bad. While exploring the first time, I picked up most of these fabrics, then added a few from my stash. 

 And then that became this. 
And I'm not sure I love it.... 
Thanks to the encouragement of a couple of instagramers (mine is @jennrperkins) I'll be adding some aqua blocks to mellow out the yellow. Which is screaming hello to you. The yseams have been something awful, and I still have 43 blocks to go. Now is when I wish I knew how to paper piece, had this pattern in paper piecing, and my printer worked. But, since I don't have/know any of that, it's good, old tradition for me. 

Thanks for coming this way-

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday WIP

Let's have a little chat about these pictures (okay, that first one really sucks, I don't know what's wrong with my iPad). Anyway, I'm really sick of working with 2" squares. I mean, really sick of it. I've been trying to convince myself that I can make just one block a day. Everything is cut and ready to piece, so surely I can do just that? Nope, I can't. As much as I LOVE the HR prints, and love the pattern, I just can't. So, I've done what I have tried so hard not to, started other projects. Which brings us to...

Flying geese. This is really my first attempt at them. Why I did it in solids and not prints I will never know. I mean, at least prints would have hid the glaring lost points. Some points are lost just in the bulk of the seam, not sew in. Others I just sucked at :) 
Turns out, I'm a perfectionist at heart, but much too lazy to actually follow through with that perfectionism. Ack! The ADD and OCD are fighting! It's a lifelong battle and I have no idea who will actually win. 

I do love the Kona solids I picked out. The blue is actually "Celestial" and not navy. A fantastic color, if you ask me. Which I'm sure you did :) The green is a little bright, but oh well, what're ya gonna do? 

This is what I can hardly wait to work with! The gray bundle and the tealish bundle will be a quilt (kaleidoscope?) and the Vintage Happy will be a churn dash quilt. I can wait a little longer because it just makes me happy looking at them and imagining their destinies. And petting them. And...mmmm...yum. I do love fabric....

I also have two baby quilts I need to start/finish. And about 4 super old WIPs. Ugh, how do I get myself in these situations?! Tell me I'm not alone, it might make me feel better :)

Have a good one

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Giveaway Winner

Just a quick post to say Mary on Lake Pulaski won the giveaway.  That makes me happy because she helped me out when I was in search of Bliss last year for Jenni's birthday.  Congrats Mary!

Xoxo- Pinspot

Friday, April 18, 2014

Finishing It Up

To WIN one of these fabulous bundles, go here!  THE DRAW IS TOMORROW!

I got to spend a day with Jenni this week and I met Baby Tucker!  My girls were wild for him, and so was I.  He is a fat-faced nugget of love.  

Today I'm hoping to finish up a quilt I made for him.  I'm hand sewing the binding, and I'm not quite done yet.

I used a paper pieced pattern from Kristy at Quiet Play.  It's in her Craftsy shop.  I'm no expert in paper-piecing, so this pattern stretched me. I made some glaring errors, but I love the results anyway.  I KNOW that the points don't match up, but you can only unpick and re-stitch so many times before you stop caring.  Blue rocket- I'm looking at you.

Which one of these is not like the others? (hint: it's the yellow one. Whoops!)  

I first saw this pattern at Snips Snippets.  She used the Rocket Launch Club in white to fussy cut little astronauts.  I loved the idea so much I blatantly copied it.  The prints are all from Sarah Jane's Children at Play.  

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