Thursday, October 15, 2015

Arrowheads and Triangles

It's been over the requisite 3 months between posts, about time I let anyone who comes here (which is absolutely no one...don't worry, I don't feel bad about it) know what's going on in my quilty life. 

I stumbled upon the Arrowhead quilt by Initial K Studio and fell in love immediately. I swooned over the clean lines, negative space, and color graduation. So I bought the pattern and have made two lap quilt tops, with plans to make a couple of baby quilts. 

 I gotta figure out how to quilt these. Straight lines for everyone!

I also crushed over this Magnolia line by Alisse Courter. I've never done an isosceles triangle quilt before and thought it'd look good in that. Normally I mix lines pretty well, but in an effort to use the fabric right away and not stash it forever, I just cut it up and stuck it on the wall. 

 I think it's about time I actually use my "design wall" for its intended purpose and put up some more "design wall".  It's looking a bit like my body...

I'll check back in 5ish months-

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  1. I love the arrow quilts. And how did you like putting together the triangles? I made a baby triangle quilt and it was a little tricky. I think it takes practice!