Monday, March 23, 2015

Super Kids

Apparently it's just me doing this now, so that's gonna be fun. Where Mindy and Jenni went? I dunno.

I decided it was about time I take a picture of the quilt I made for my niece Zoey. I mean, it's only been finished for 7 months. Too bad she'll have to wait to get it until she comes to visit me, which will be in another 4 months. My sister requested Super Kids by Anne Kelle. Which is darling fabric, but kinda hard to figure out what to do with.

We're currently under attack. The exterior of our home has been over run with flies. Mating. Ugh. It's so gross. And I don't know what to do about it. I think they're attracted to the flowering pear trees that are very close to the house, but short of cutting those down.... They are on everything. The truck outside, the tractor, the house, the railing, the windows, the picnic table, the deck, the trees, the patio furniture, the trashcan, the doghouse, the roof, everything. Everything. Everywhere. So. Gross.

And that's it. Ya'll have a good one while I fight it out with flies.


  1. Love the colors in this quilt, especially the way the bold solid colors pop against that grey, and that purple <3. I have that fabric you used as the focal point for the stars and still don't quite know what to do with it but your use of it is just perfect. Good luck with those flies, our snow is still melting here and the lady bugs aren't attacking yet so that's good!

  2. Sorry about the flies, that's disgusting! I love these stars, that's a great idea to highlight the super kids!