Sunday, June 2, 2013

Swirling Star

Okay, I've decided on a pattern based on this pin. Obviously it's scrappy with the solid background half yellow and half aqua, but I hope it's not too busy. And the size it just right, 90x90 before sewing. Slightly bigger than the previous giant blocks, but not gigantic like before. I feel like I can manage this size much better. And the leftover HST's I'll just use for the back. Is it too obvious that I was ONE half-square triangle short in yellow?

So what do you think? Honestly.

Oh yeah, how do you like Destructo Dex's photo bomb? Oh, and here's what Brian's been up to all day today (left at 4:30 this morning).


  1. Wyatt looks like Brian from that distance! Cute photo bomb. I like this quilt. I am not sure about the solid red, when I squint it is the one that stands out. I really like the scrappiness of it. The frist photo is my favorite.
    Wow for Brian, I am proud of him. Brianne and Heather and I felt super compelled to go out and help, not practical. But when you see the devastation and you know you are capable of going and cleaning it is hard to sit in your home and just watch the news. Hopefully some day I will be in a place where I can go and help.

  2. Ok, I'm with Jenni on the red. I think what works on the block you pinned is that they grouped the prints together. Yours is scrappy and great, but the pattern is hard to discern. Maybe if you grouped like colors together to make the arrow part, and then had a contrasting set of prints for the diamond part...? Does that make sense? But again, that's only if an emerging pattern is important to you.

    Good for Brian. When Matt's cousin lost his home in a Tornado just north of us, it upended their lives for a good 18 months. The survivors there have a long road ahead of them. My heart goes out to them. I'm glad good people are willing to help.

  3. Also, one less yellow isn't obvious at all!

  4. Yeah, I feel awful for those affected and grateful Brian was able to help. The best way to help is to donate to the humanitarian fund. Thanks for your input on the quilt! I think I'll make a few changes, but it'll stay pretty scrappy :)