Monday, June 3, 2013

Minkee Baby Quilt

I should have written this post two weeks ago because now I can't remember all the things I wanted to say about minkee.  This quilt was a little bit of a disaster for me!  But luckily it all came together before I had to go to the baby shower (by the skin of my teeth!)  For future reference, here's what I remember:

Cut on an old mat, or with scissors.  Little minkee fuzz will get embedded in your mat.  It comes out, but it takes some doing.

Pin every inch!  Minkee is super stretchy and slippery.  Stopping to take out pins every inch was tedious.  I poked myself so badly with a pin that it ripped a chunk of skin off and I bled on the quilt. 

Batting is not necessary.

Don't bind in minkee again.  I wanted something quick, so I just cut the back big enough to fold over to the front to bind.  A big pain- especially when you forget that you have to finish off your lines when quilting, and you end up with thread tails that ordinarily would have been under the binding. I also forgot to hand stitch the mitered corner, but remembered after I washed it and the corners all popped out.  UGH!

I worried quite a bit about shrinkage of the cotton top versus minkee and batting.  I used a poly batting because that's what was recommended and shrinking didn't seem to be a problem. 

The fabrics were picked to coordinate with her nursery colors.  I had a hard time finding a great print for the bottom half of the front.  I don't love the way it turned out, but it was quick and it will be very cozy for a baby who will live in Montana.  I wanted to use Minkee to make it more special, since the top was so simple.  I don't know if I'll ever want to use it again. 


  1. I used minkee once and hated it. I am very afraid of using it again, I really like this quilt!

  2. Super cute!! I actually like Minky, but I never mix it with cotton. An easy way to get it off your cutting mat is tape, masking, packing, duct, whatever. Love the quilt!