Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday and Pin ups

This thrifted WIP is all unpicked.  It only took me about 4 episodes of 24 to get it done.  I bought season one for Matt's birthday because we heard it's coming back on and he'd like to watch it.  We were Alias folk back then, so we never got into it.  Season one is.... sooooooo 2001!  (Can you believe that was 12 years ago?)  I find it a little predictable and smutty, but at least I'm sitting with my hubby AND getting some handwork done.

The top is in pretty great shape except for this giant gaping hole:

Also on the table this week- MORE PINK!  A friend with three boys (youngest is 7, I think) became pregnant with a girl!  They thought she couldn't have any more so they were delighted.  So very happy for her!  I heard she's doing her nursery in pink and brown, which is, like, sooooooo 2001.  So I did pink and black.  Is that bratty?

Planning Stage:
Kdub's quilt- July baby = get a move on it!

Cutting Stage:
Lotta Confetti- Cut white strips and start sewing. 
Bye Baby Bunting- need a few more triangles

Piecing stage:
AMH Tiles - Finally cut out the sashing, start sewing
Dresden Sheets- Cut out the extra pinks I found
Thrifted WIP

Top Done:
Starburst of Indie- Need to piece the back
Way old Christmas WIP
French Braid

Minky Baby
Road to Recovery

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PS-- I ALMOST FORGOT!  Look at the crazy fabric I found this week-

Did you see that?  Did you take it ALL in?   Scroll back up and just stare at it awhile.  Please don't miss winking Uncle Sam, or the drummer who is practically straddling his drum.  Or the happy trails. 

Apparently Alexander Henry (who I normally adore) does a whole line of Pin ups.  Who would buy this?!?  Maybe it's because I live in Utah, but most sewers I know are pretty stuffy.  More importantly, who would WEAR this?  Or have a quilt hanging off the back of their couch with Abe Lincoln SMOULDERING at them?  Maybe if I was a gay man I'd make some boxers out of this, or PJ pants.  Can there really be big market for this stuff?

You can't make this stuff up!  And don't you think they should have said "Life, liberty and the pursuit of SEXINESS."  They really missed a golden opportunity here.


  1. I am dying! I do know about this fabric and others like it, but I just can't figure it out. Hilarious! Maybe pj pants for my b-day?
    Great job on your WIP's.
    I adore the pink and black, way better than brown.


  2. Hahahahaha! Didn't you know AH did pin ups? Once I saw a whole line from him of sexy valentine cowgirls. I don't know who buys it, but there's a market somewhere.

    You can whipstitch that big gap closed. And I LOVE your braid, so cute! XO

    1. People are so weird! Seriously, who buys it? Like I'm going to make my husband something with pin-ups? Or wear it myself? I flummoxed.