Saturday, July 27, 2013

Seaside is not by the Wayside


While getting a flat fixed this week I happened to gaze at the field behind the tire place and found this sweet, 12 foot sphinx head parked in a field behind a house. It wasn't there when I replaced the two back tires two weeks ago, but it is awesomely...interesting. It cohabitates with a roman statue, and some other assorted pieces. So I decided I'd like to use it as a back drop. I mean, it's on the other side of this dude's fence and in the middle of a random field, so why not?  

 Alas, it was much too breezy and there wasn't a really good place to prop the quilt up on the actual sphinx head. Plus, after my last encounter with chiggers, I wasn't too eager to hang out in a field. So, I just went home. 

And had my wonderful husband hold up the quilt. He kindly took his hat off for the occasion. 

Beautifully bright backing

This was a PAIN IN THE KEISTER! My quilting all but disappeared with the grain (see top lefthand corner), and while I was sewing on the binding, my machine died FOUR times!  FOUR. Like, it's broken. So I pulled out my trusty (OLD) Kenmore that Jan (she's 86) gave me about 10 years ago (it's a 1950's machine) and got to work. Well, I wish I did anyway.
 Instead, that one broke too!  WHAT?! Seriously?! I spent two hours fixing that one and finally finished the binding at 1:30 in the morning. Then I went and washed the dang thing. What the heck?! 

Elle has been SOOO excited for this one to be finished. Because now she can have a "cuddle" quilt when we're watching a movie and she doesn't have to share with her brothers. Why she doesn't just get the one of her bed is beyond me. 

 Wyatt is just being Wyatt. He decided that he would take (or rather lay on) Ellie's place in the photo. And his face has purple popsicle all over it from a primary activity he just attended (he's now a mini-missionary).

 She's now on her way upstairs to lay claim to this quilt.

Please ignore my messy house, I spent the night quilting. 


  1. Holy Cow, that sphinx is huge and awesome! What a mystery.
    The quilt is great, that's the pattern I should have done for my lotta quilt. LOVE the backing.
    I also love the word kiester. Gave me a chuckle. But, I'm sorry to hear about your machine troubles. ACK! What will you do? Take it in?

  2. What are you going to do about the machine? That is THE MOST frustrating thing ever! The quilt turned out great! You have got to figure out a way to attatch a quilt to that sphinx. It is awesome! I am going to have to see that when I visit next!