Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bundle of Joy

Yep, my 1/2 yard bundle of joy arrived on Saturday! If you may recall, I've been waiting for that preorder of Heather Ross' Briar Rose line since April (I think that's when I preordered it). But not really, since I regretted ordering a 1/2 yard bundle. In fact, at the time, I bemoaned my order in general since the last HR line I loved was the Lightning Bugs one and I'm not even sure that was a line so much as pajamas people cut up. There are some prints from West Hill and Mendocino that I like (those little seahorses? too cute), but she lost me with the Far and Away lines (I know, blasphemy). I did purchase all the colorways of the Nursery Versery Itsy Bitsy Spider, but that was the only one I liked. However, this quilt won me over:

Photo from Windham Fabrics

And I COULD NOT resist. I just couldn't. It was a physical impossibility. And I am making it. Therefore, everything changed from remorse over my purchase, to elation that I can make (and keep) this quilt!! Make no mistake, it's all about the quilt! And better yet, it was going to be a FREE pattern on the Windham site designed by Made by Rae (she makes SUPER cute kids clothing)!

Anyway, here it is! Forgive the iPad photos, but I'm sure you've seen it elsewhere, so I'm not too worried about it. And it turns out that the pattern calls for 1/2 yards of everything except for two prints, so it's good that I hazily ordered 1/2 a yard of all of it.

My favorite prints are the strawberry (the reddish/orange) and all the clovers. I do like the honeycomb, I just wish there weren't bees in it...(blasphemy again?). Anyway, here's to the start of yet another WIP. I'll have to start linking up with Lee once a month just to keep track of it all (Pinspot, quit taking every week ;) Just kidding, I probably won't even remember.


  1. Can we not both link up? Sorry!

    I think I have to have this fabric. I dunno what for, but I just NEED it.

    Nursery versery was not my favorite. I didn't buy a single piece. Just not that cute for the price of Kokka. I like pretty much anything else she ever did. Except the guitar print from far far away.

    Mendocino is AWESOME, just not in "my" colors. I couldn't get my hands on any if I tried, anyway.

    What I really love is the princess and the pea print she did, with all the mattresses stacked on top of one another. And the owl and the pussycat, just because that's a favorite nursery rhyme.

    1. Oh, I guess we could do that! I didn't even think of that.

      Mendocino I liked all together, but the prints separately weren't my fav (except those seahorses and the schools of fish, which I still have and need to use somewhere, someday).

      Overall, I like Briar Rose much better than all her lines in between Mendocino. It is very saturated. And colorful. And...cutesy? Or maybe folksy? I dunno. Those bees are old to me.

  2. The only reason I want this fabric is because I MUST HAVE that quilt. I am in love. I usually don't go for super colorful, but the minute I saw that quilt I fell in love!

    1. I know, huh?! It's all about the quilt.,