Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things You Should Not Do

...while in a drug induced haze and really sick with pneumonia (cause not enough oxygen is making it to your brain).

1. Listen to your husband tell you how great at quilting you are so you should start making "Grandparents" quilts. And since you've already made one for his boss, you might as well make one for his friend/coworker who's having his first grand kid. Sounds logical...while drugged up and sick as a dog.

2. Start drafting said quilt.

3. Decide that you need to reorganize your fabric stash so you can see exactly what you have to make the Grandparents quilt with. Yeah. Really bad idea. Like you don't have any fabric, sheesh. So you order a pack of those comic book boards (as if 100 will get you places) and start folding. What? You only got through your pink and red fabrics? Wait, there's another bin of pink and red hiding behind that massive amount of blue fabrics?? Umm, okay, no problem, order 200 this time. "Now you've spent $33 on comic boards that could've been spent on fabric," you think to yourself. Great. More hazy folding and this time you run out at green. And you even "saved" boards by randomly taking them out of folded fabric pieces....

4. Start perusing your favorite fabric site under the guise that the Grandparents quilt needs a little something personal in it. Eighty dollars later and you've definitely made it personal while adding to your ever growing addiction, I mean stash. (Fabric came in the mail today, you can also see some of my stash)

5. Read your emails from your favorite fabric store saying that they are accepting preorders for Heather Ross's new line 'Briar Rose'. You order half yards of all of it. Yep. ALL. OF. IT. Turns out, you don't even like the line that much.... Stupid medication.

6. Start quilting on the quilt you basted the other day. What? You started on the side instead of the middle? Now you know better than that! You've been doing this for over 15 years! What's your problem?! Oh, you're high on cough syrup w/ hyrdocodone? Wait, doesn't hyrdocodone give you hallucinations? I thought so.... Now get to work ripping those threads out. Muwahaha!


  1. So what you're saying is, do not attempt any quilting activities while on drugs! I think you got some awesome fabric out of the deal, and your craft room is looking good!

    1. Exactly! And thanks! It's actually the attic, but it works :)

  2. You are so funny! This post is cracking me up! So glad we got a sneak peek of your stats. Haul it all out and take some more pictures already!

    1. Oh Mindy, I have SOOOO much fabric! I think you'll just have to come visit me to see it :)