Monday, July 29, 2013

My First Foundation Paper Pieced Block

During WIP Wednesday, I came across a swap on What the Bobbin.  It's for a very simple fussy cut FPP block.  FPP is one of those things I've been wanting to try, and this simple block looked fool proof.  Plus it combined two of my favorite quilty things:  fussy cutting and pairing fabric.  So I joined the swap and made a test block.

Then I made 14 more.  It was just too much fun, and so so so satisfying.

But now, what to do with them?  They are small, 4.5".  I used RB Alphabet Soup for the centers. I also have one FQ of this print from that line: 

I think I could get enough squares out of it to put a square in between my FPP blocks. With a 1" sashing, that makes a quilt that's about 26" by 31".  Too small.  I could add a border, but that's not my favorite solution.  I don't love borders.

I could do pinwheels to make the fabric go farther, and make more FPP blocks, but if I did one more row in both directions that would bring me up to 30" by 38" I think.  Still too small.  Plus, I'm not sure I could get 21 pinwheel blocks out of an FQ.  That would take some serious quilty math to figure out. 

So what would you do?  Find a different fabric?  Make the pinwheels?  Add a border?  I'm fresh out of ideas.  

PS- I measured my alphabet soup FQ and it's only 17 5/8."  Never ordering from that etsy shop again- they messed up my order, and  a different FQ they sent was faded on all the creases.  Now I want to measure everything else they sent. 

PPS- Fabric purchases from this weekend.  The Salt Air was mostly $3.99/yd.  What wasn't that price was $5.47.   The black print and yellow were also $3.99/yd.  I'm so frustrated with these blurry photos.   I wish you could see how awesome the top pink FQ is, it's tiny swallows. 
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  1. Your blocks came out awesome! Paper piecing is a blast once you wrap your brain around it. I just love perfect points! Where may I ask, did you find Salt Air for $3.99 a yard? I love that line!

    1. Thank you! I have a local craft shop called Bennions that carries quilt shop quality fabric. They are having a summer clearance. They also take 40% off coupons! I think I'm pretty lucky to live near one!

  2. Love your blocks! So addictive aren't they! Do they need to be made into a quilt?, you could always make a pillow with them.

  3. I like the idea of making them into a quilt. How about alternating some solid squares in a square blocks(without the fussy centers) with a square of that FQ? That would stretch them a bit. I love adding solids to anything :) Great job on your very first block! I can't wait to see what you turn them into.

  4. I think you should do a solid, white is my fav, and then use the little flowers as the binding. Thanks for letting my make one up while I was there. Not a long enough visit!