Monday, April 8, 2013

More "Girly Colors Quilt" and a Bit of Embarrassment

That's what I decided to officially name this quilt, after the comment my husband made. He likes it despite the girly colors. Thanks, dear.

Okay, so I promised a little illegal activity story. Here it is. As we all know, I'm crazy. My brain just ain't what it was ten years ago, or even five (yeah, I know I'm only 35, but CNS lupus'll do that to you). So I'm chatting away on the phone to my sweet SIL, Jenni, about how much I LOVE this Essex linen, while at a store I infrequent trying to find microwave popcorn for a party my son is attending. Number one, I'm already embarrassed that I got my facts wrong about the linen, it is a blend of cotton and linen (I still love it). That's actually not part of the story, but I am embarrassed. Number two, I FINALLY find the popcorn down the pickle aisle. Really? The pickle aisle?? I mean come on, I could see the chip aisle or the snack aisle, but pickles? Then, since I was already running late, left all four of my kids in the car, (yes, I am that kind of mom. I allowed my 13 year old to babysit in the car, totally legal in the state of OK), was animatedly talking on the phone to one of my fav sisters, I just walked right out of the store. Yep, confidently walked right past the security/policeman...right out. And then embarrassingly right back in. The policeman/security dude winked at me as I awkwardly shrugged and held up my popcorn and stood in line to check out. Geez. So there you have it. I very briefly stole some popcorn and immediately remedied the situation. Can't have that on my conscience. I'm pretty sure that's when the conversation got interesting to Jenni, before that it was just about linen and dang popcorn!


  1. HA HA HA! That is hilarious! And really, the pickle aisle?

  2. Why are you embarassed? It could have been a lot worse! I am glad you did close ups of the quilting, it looks so good! I wondered how all those colors would come together and they look great!