Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lakehouse Stressballs

Remember a while back, I mean, twelve days ago, when I pulled that fabric for the Lakehouse quilt and I was all excited to move along at a slow and steady pace, then send it out to be quilted? Remember? 

Yeah. It's done. Last Thursday Brian told me we were invited up to the Lakehouse along with a bunch of other people on the 14th. He asked if I could have the quilt done by the time we go. Ugh. I hate deadlines. Wait, I hate deadlines on my creativity. What else am I gonna say but yes? And then I've neglected everything since then. Even Pinspot's birthday!! sorry (I hope it was awesome and I feel awful that I haven't called yet) And naturally the dog got sick (all over everything...for days), both dogs were sprayed by skunks and then jumped onto our couches immediately afterward, Labor Day, Ellie developed an ear infection, Wyatt decided to potty train himself (but not really, he just wants to run around without a diaper on), and Scott has had hours of homework every night, in addition to a toothache.  

In the middle of piecing, Brian calls me up and asks me to add some red. "Uhh...ok, I can do that. That's not stressful at all when I've pieced 33% of it together."

But that's all over now. I'm done. I'm taking a break. And...I'm going to make something I want to make. For me. And only me. 

I have learned a bit about myself during this process. Because I truly spent all my time, piecing, sewing,  and quilting, with minimal housework effort for the past week, I've realized that I can't stand a messy house anymore. Now that I have the room for my clutter, I want everything picked up and put away. I want the dishes done. I want the floors swept and mopped everyday. I want the carpets vacuumed. I want the bathrooms clean. I want order. Laundry on the other hand, I still just want clean and put away, I don't even care if it's folded....

I've also come to realize that I HATE squaring up HST's. Like...hate. A lot. And I've discovered why my seams keep popping. With the past 3 quilts I've made, some of the seams have popped on the cotton-linen blend/100% cotton seams. The cotton-linen shrinks way more than the 100% cotton. And since I'm in the Non-Prewash Camp, well...there ya go. And when I iron with steam, my blocks are smaller than with a dry iron...yeah. Still not gonna prewash (unless it's linen). 

In any case, it's all behind me now. I can relax until Saturday (and then I'll be watching my kids like a hawk). Clean my house. Start a quilt for myself. Actually, I'm gonna start two of them. One using my layer cake, that. And the other using my coming-in-the-mail-on-Friday layer cake of Bonnie and Camille's Scrumptious. Mmmm....  

Here's the specs:

Kona Cotton in multiple colors, Essex Linen in Black
Backing: Waterfront by Violet Craft along with a 'scar' on the back from having to repair a giant popped seam (stupid Essex Linen) 
Quilted with variegated thread

Wyatt tried photobombing all my photos. I finally just let him.



  1. Fabulous, great pop of red! Good for you making something for yourself. And please show the fabric you will be using! And you are already getting scrumptious? Lucky girl!

    1. Yeah, I wanted a FQ bundle of Scrumptious, but the cost is astronomical. So I settled for a layer cake. It's actually coming today!! Which also allowed me to get a couple of other things I wanted. I'll post my happy mail days tomorrow!

  2. This was so much fun to read! GO JENN! TWELVE DAYS! I'm sad you didn't get to send it out to the quilters. It looks like the perfect quilt for a lake house. Why did Brian suddenly require red? And do you feel a little bit used? ;)
    I LOVE WATERFRONT PARK! I want a bolt of that Flight print and Domino Dot in every color.
    Can't wait to see what you do with your two layer cakes. Scrumptious is aptly named.

    1. The red is to represent Jay's (Brian's boss) boat. Brian just thought about it and called me up.

      HAHAHA! Yes, I feel used and worn out...uh oh. But...I also got to order all the backing without having to piece from my stash. And since I wasn't sure what I wanted for it or how much, I ordered extra of the Waterfront Park, two half yards of the Text prints by Alison Glass, and some solids that match. a way, I'm whoring myself out for fabric, little does Brian know ;) In fact, I get to do that with every quilt he asks me to make. It's almost a win-win.

    2. AHA! I like the red idea!
      When you put it that way, it does seem like a win-win. YAY for guiltless fabric buying!
      I got a bunch of Etsy gift certificates for my birthday, and the top four things I want to buy are the Alison Glass text prints, Scrumptious, and the dot and birds from Waterfront Park. I also want to buy this Joel Dewberry scrap box:
      3.9 pounds of fabric for $33 shipped. I know you LOVE JD. What do you think? Good deal, right?

    3. I do love JD. Seems like a good deal. I'd make sure it's useable scraps, though. Maybe ask the smallest size or something. All those are on my current fabric bucket list, I've got a couple down, many more to go! I'm glad you'll be able to get yourself something you want!

    4. I forgot to finish my thought. I meant to say that it surprises me that our "to buy" lists are so similar.

    5. No kidding! I'm more than a little surprised, actually :)