Wednesday, September 11, 2013

19 Years Ago...

I made my first quilt. Holy Guac has it been that long!?! You'd think I'd be an awesome quilter by now, but hey, I took a big long break from the ages of 18-25 (and come on, I made a total of two quilts from the ages of 16-18, I had better things to do, like dating). And then when I started quilting again at age 25, I didn't know how to machine quilt, so everything was hand quilted. That makes for some slow quilting when you have little ones. Never fear though, I taught myself how to machine quilt and now I've made tons of quilts!

In any case, my first quilt was made for my YW project, hence the rainbow (value) colors (which I still love anyway). Even though both of my grandparents are AMAZING quilters (one machine and one hand), it was my next door neighbor, Nancy, that taught me how. I used to have a great picture of myself hand quilting it (you know, one of those goofy 16 year-old pictures), but it's disappeared. So you'll just have to do with my son holding up the actual quilt.

Yes, I still have it. And yes, it's one of those blankets that turn into a pillow. And yes, the pillow part is purple and white stripes. Pinspot, I'm sure you just gagged.

Anyway, linking up with My Fabric Relish for her first ever linky party! Join up, it'll be fun and only slightly embarrassing.


  1. I think it's awesome! I love to look back and see how much I have learned, how my tastes have changed. How cool that you have a picture!

  2. Oh, I love it! Thanks for linking up! I think my quilts are the most embarrassing!

  3. OF COURSE it's rainbow! You love rainbow. I can't believe you hand quilted this!

    Ok, I don't hate purple. I think it's pretty. It's just not a color I'm drawn too. I don't know why. I guess what I'm saying is, Purple, it's not you it's me.