Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Star Soup Quilt

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I've finally figured out what to do with those fussy cut economy test blocks.   

I think I'm going to love it!  The center of these blocks were all cut from a print of Riley Blake's Alphabet Soup.  We have a little board book named Star Soup and it seemed like a good fit.  Flying geese are some of my favorite blocks to make, so this quilt will be a reward, once I finish doing that thing I have to do.  Which is quilting The Starburst of Indie quilt.  Meh.

WIP List:
I've decided to only list projects I am actively working on, or need to start actively working on.

Starburst of Indie: Quilt, Bind, Post
Star Soup: Finish cutting background fabric, start cutting pattern fabric, make one more economy block.
Other economy blocks- make about a gazillion more!
Blog Redesign- find a palette, start trading 'favors' with Matt for help.
Let's Talk About Hex- Cut more hexies, layout and pick centers.
Lotta Confetti- Just get to it!

Blocks for Gina
Halloween Costumes

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  1. I LOVER LOVER LOVER these!! Seriously, you should make me some ;) XO

    1. They are ridiculously fun to make!

    2. I'm shocked, star-lover Jenn. They are super cute, now I need to rethink the quilt I'm planning.

  2. Such a fantastic idea for the economy blocks! I may just have to steal this idea!
    Can't wait to see more!

  3. Ditto what Nicole said!! I love the economy blocks in the middle of the stars! I want to know what Lotta Confetti is :). You made good use of the alphabet soup fabric!