Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Onto the Rest

If you're looking for the giveaway, it's here. And thanks for stopping by!

 Yes, that's rabbit skin laying on his shoulder and around his waist. Most everyone thought he was Braveheart, so next time (if there is one) we'll just paint his face blue and red. And the kilt is a little large...more like a skirt :) He added some boots to the overall feel. 

 Wyatt Earp 

Bowser was getting a little too curious about what was under that kilt.... Scott went as a "nerd". Elle was a cowgirl, but we just said Annie Oakley, since we were now going with a 'famous people' theme. 

That takes care of Halloween, now onto Thanksgiving, followed by 3 birthdays, then Christmas. Am I stressing out yet? Nope, my shopping is almost done!

Oh, and since there are 3 of us cute snippy sisters, I'm trying out end-phrases. My other sister went with the XO, which is great, but I don't really want to kiss you all. Hugs, maybe. Kisses, probably not. I'm just using things I say to my own kids (or family) as either they leave the house, or I write them a note, text, whatever. I'll change it up until I find something I really like. Today's is...

Later Vader-


  1. Awesome! Wyatt Earp, too cute! I love Ellie's cute boots!

  2. I love the kilt! Those kids are sooooo fabulous.