Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Sometimes there is a quilty thing I have to do, that I don't really want to do.  So I say to myself, "I am not allowed to do any fun quilty thing until I do that thing I have to do!" And then, instead of just doing it, I procrastinate and put it off and find anything else non-quilty to do, even housework(!), before I finally face the music and say, "I MUST do this dreaded thing."  And then I do it and I think, "That was pretty easy.  WHY did I turn this into such a chore?!?"

Piecing this quilt back was that thing this week.

I finished the top back in February, I think, and I've just needed to piece a back.  I kept putting it off like it was a calculus problem, or something.  When I volunteered to donate a quilt this month to Margaret's Hope Chest I had this quilt in mind.  Deadlines are good for me.   The best part, I ended up liking the back more than the front!  Now I must decide on thread, quilting, and binding fabric.  Totally manageable. 

Here's a stack of pretty fabric I pulled just for fun.  Actually, it was one of those things I couldn't stop thinking about when I was trying to go to sleep one night.  I even broke my rule and did this one fun quilty thing before I did the dreaded quilt back.  The bottom print will be backing, and the top will be a flying goose quilt that's a little something like this.

I really don't have time to be starting something new because I have so many other (Halloween costumes! Ack!) sewing things on my plate right now, but I had to get the idea out of my head so I can get some rest at night.

Anyone else out there sewing Halloween Costumes?  What are you doing?  Maybe we should have a costume parade Linky Party on the 31st.  Any takers?

Informal WIP list that must be completed ASAP and for sure no later than OCT 30th: 
Peacock costume- haven't started
Slurpee costume- haven't started
Starburst of Indie quilt- quilt, bind, mail
Something for someone- more to make

I CAN DO IT!  Linking up with Lee

XOXOX- Pinspot

PS- JENNIFERS I'm preparing an email about the blog redo.  Get your thinking caps on.  Did you notice my new Pinterest board?   


  1. Ooo! That quilt back is gorgeous. Maybe you hesitated because you were unsure if the world was ready for that much awesome!

  2. I am exactly like that! I have to put restrictions on myself before I can do the fun quilty thing! I love this quilt back and am very disappointed I don't get to see the front!
    I adore your fabric pull for the flying geese, that is my favorite flying geese pattern to date! I would like a close up of those fabrics.

    1. You've seen the front. The back is better. It's the Starburst quilt I did for the QAL at Happy Quilting back in Jan/Feb.

      I will do a close up of the fabrics.

  3. i do the same is good motivation to get the more difficult jobs done!! I have been having too much fun with quilty things this year so i opted out of making Halloween costumes. With limited sewing time i unfortunately can't make everything that i would like to so i will live vicariously through your costumes. Sounds like you have some fun ones to make!!

  4. I can relate to your behaving pattern. I'm exactly the same way, lol. It seems there are many of us, lol. Love the stack you pulled out!

  5. I'm with Sabrina, awesomeness!! LOVE that dark teal!

    1. I had a feeling you would like this one.