Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sisterly Visit

A perk of my husband's employment is that every year we are required to attend the Directors' Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. They put us up in a nice resort, pay for all our food in all the fancy restaurants, and most years there is an allowance for spa treatments. While I rather enjoy the food (and not having to make it and clean it up), the spa and such goes completely to waste on me. I can hardly stand massages, wraps, aromatherapies, mani/pedis, scrubs, facials, etc. Turns out, even though I'm quite a tactile person, I rather dislike being touched by others. My husband doesn't mind though, he just uses all the allowance on himself :)

The very best part of being in AZ is getting to visit with my super cute, adorable sis-in-law Jenni!! She was able to come up twice and so we all could hang out. She even brought me homemade caramels and fudge! It was SO good! Unfortunately, no fabric shopping occurred on this trip, but I intend to make up for that during spring break!

We went to the LDS Mesa Temple (or is it still the PHX one?) Supposedly it has more lights than the Salt Lake City Temple. This is Jenni, myself and hubby, and Jenni's cute family.

Jenni and myself

There's this really cool "Rare Earth Store" in Cave Creek that has some of the most amazing rocks and crystals I've ever seen! And I have not a clue what we're standing next to.

Sorry about all the phone pics. My son had taken my memory card out of my camera and I hadn't noticed until I was already in AZ.... Outside my room the javelinas ate the golf course. But if you look closely, there's two teeny, tiny babies!! They were so stinkin' cute!

This is just a pic of the landscaping out our back door. 

I can hardly wait to go back to AZ over spring break. Hopefully it'll be warmer, since the highs were in the upper 40's while we were there.... 


  1. Look at my two cute sissies! What the heck is that wart hoggy looking thing, and how come I had no idea they even existed?

    1. Hahaha! I don't know why you didn't know about them. I frequented our Tulsa zoo so much as a child (where they are an exhibit) I think I've always known about them. Perks of going to the zoo my whole life?

  2. Javalina! Aren't they crazy?

    1. They were so cute, I mean the babies!