Monday, December 9, 2013

Quilting Magazines

Do you subscribe to any magazines?  Do you ever pick them up at the checkout stand?  I bought my first one today.  I never have before because the covers always have quilts like this:

Floral appliqué is not my thing.  I bought this issue for this pattern:

Maybe you've heard the buzz about the QAL in blog land.  Not sure if I'll join the QAL, but I wanted the pattern.  Turns out there were quite a few modern quilts worth a looksee in this issue.

I'm looking forward to reading it thoroughly in bed tonight.  Hubby's away on business.

And for business of my own, the winner of the Scrumptious giveaway is Carol W! Congrats Carol!  I'll get your package in the mail tomorrow.  Unless it's snowing.  Again.  Or below 20*.  Again. 

XOXO Pinspot


  1. I will be looking for this one for sure now -- I always pick up on the news stand because there are plenty of issues that I just don't see any purpose in buying

  2. I have never purchased a quilt magazine. But now I want that one!

  3. I've purchased a few quilt magazines, but I've been wanting to subscribe and haven't decided which one. They're just so pricy and I like fabric better :)

  4. Good point, I personally don't suscribe to any magazine but, I bought this same issue...for the same reason you did.