Friday, December 6, 2013


Nope, I haven't finished even one stitch on any of the myriad of WIPs I have. But I did finish hell birthday week successfully. No blood or tears were shed, just some sweat. This is a big deal for me. Unlike my sweet, talented sister (you can find her Scrumptious Giveaway here), I very much dislike buying, wrapping, giving presents. It's stressful for me. I'd rather just give a gift card or money and say, "Get whatever, cause heck if I know what you want." But that's not realistic when you've got kids.... Dang it. Plus, let's face it, kids' birthday/Christmas lists change as much as their underwear should.

So Sunday Chicken turned 10, which was to be celebrated, because the doctors told us he would never make it to ten! Unfortunately, given the Thanksgiving weekend, no one was in town to celebrate with. Oh well, we had a fabulous time with just ourselves! He actually requested a chocolate cake with NO frosting, but I told him too bad, he'd have to eat around the frosting. 

On Monday, Nugget turned 3, and the Grandparents had at least made it back into town to give hugs and kisses, except that Grandpa just got over a touch of the stomach flu and Nugget wasn't allowed to hug and kiss him...that was tough for both of them. I'm pretty sure kisses were stolen. 

(Yes, I made that cake, hence the monster's eyeball that isn't close to round :)

Last night Little Lady (our only girl) turned 7. To her delight, it had been icing and snowing the entire day and 30 minutes after she stepped off the bus, they canceled school for the next day (today).
You may call us Oklahomans sissies, but driving a bus-full of kids on an inch of slick ice, topped with 3-6" of dry snow is probably not the safest route to take, especially if you've ever seen us drive.... And baby, it's cold outside. It's 15 degrees (as I write this) and the windchill is 1 degree right now. It was a balmy 67 two days ago. Which is also why the Grandparents didn't make it, roads and drivers were too dangerous.

Anyway, I digress. So while I usually make my kids birthday cakes, this year I ordered my girly's cake from a local grocery store (not Walmart). They make pretty good cake. Like, edible. So last Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) I ordered it, my husband goes to pick it up last night, and it's vanished. As in, they never made it. They misplaced the order. It's 6:00 the night of her birthday, what normally took my husband 25 minutes to drive took an hour because of the road conditions, and now he has nothing. They finally find the order (it had been placed in a "hold" basket) and just admitted they screwed up. 

 Kudos to my husband! He walked out of that store 30 minutes later not only with the exact cake we ordered (although probably a little sloppier than it otherwise would've been), didn't pay for it, AND the store manager gave him a Barbie for my daughter (this is her first Barbie). He said he didn't yell at anyone or get upset. Just went to the store manager, told him they misplaced his order, he'd be back in 30 minutes to pick it up, and that he wasn't paying for it. I'm quite pleased with the efforts the store manager made and realize that people screw up and make mistakes. I'll be buying another cake from them again, someday.

Anyway, despite a few hiccups, the week went well and I'm thrilled it's over. Now to tackle Christmas....



  1. Congrats that you survived :-) It get hard with kids for sure.

  2. You crack me up! Happy birthday to our cous-buds. And good for Brian! Sounds like my fart-face brother is finally growing up. What does MissE think of Barbie? For a good laugh, check out the Barbie life in the dream house videos on line. They are so funny.
    Also, did she open the outfit from Mom? Will she wear it?

    1. She thought Barbie was alright. I could hardly watch that, it was so bad!! And yes, she LOVED the outfit from mom!! Then she spilled hot chocolate ALL over it and I can't get it out despite every trick I know. Oh well....

  3. I love these pictures. Every face is perfect! I am so proud of Brian! I am glad you survived the crazy week and great job on the monster cake!

  4. Wow! You do have birthdays stacked close. I can only imagine the stress. In my family, my grandpa (11/25) and I usually celebrated together (11/28). Grandpa's birthday often was on Thanksgiving and once in a long while (like this year) mine falls there. Then one of my brother's birthday is 12/9. Grandma's birthday was 12/22. And Mom and Dad's anniversary was 12/24. So, none of us in our immediate household were supposed to buy anything for themselves, except necessities, after about the middle of November. If you dropped a hint and then bought it for yourself, it was a disappointment. Of course, back then returning items was not as easy as it is today, either. My mom and dad were each only children, so we had no aunts or uncles or first cousins. It was just our two sets of grandparents and a great aunt who was like a grandmother and our family of five. It made for a close knit family and lots of great memories, though.