Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Oldest WIP in the World

About ten years ago, a woman in my church congregation offered a class on learning to quilt.  We'd lean six different blocks, plus sashing, sandwiching, quilting and finishing.  I signed up right away- I've always been intrigued by sewing and fabric.  I had no sewing machine, and no equipment.  Just a nice pair of Gingher scissors that Jenn gave me as a bridesmaid gift (best gift ever!)  I had to borrow everything I used.  Well, my congregation grew and was divided when a new chapel was finished.  She went one way, I went the other.  I got this far and had no idea how to do the rest:

Fast forward 8 years when I got seriously bitten by the quilting bug.  I pulled out this old WIP and was pretty much horrified by what I saw.  My points are ATROCIOUS:

For a long time I didn't think it was worth finishing.  Now I feel like it's part of the history of my hobby, and I want to honor that history, even the ugly parts.  I can finish it and bring it out at Christmas.  

I bought this gorgeous piece of Alexander Henry (I think it's called Joy) for the back, but the reds are just a bit off.  Not quite sure if I can live with that, or if I want to save this piece for something more fabulous.  I truly love this fabric.  Will using it make me like my WIP better?

I'm also pulling fabrics for a Noodlehead pouch, as that seems to be the clear winner!  Now I have to brave the cold and snow to go get some zippers.  This one will be for my Be/Fri who loves black and white and red and polka dots.  

WIP List:
(Want you to make me feel, like I'm the) Oldest WIP in the world
Pot Holders for teacher- buy potholder material
Zipper pouches for everyone I know- Buy 457 zippers
Starburst of India- quilt that thing already!
Bedding for Mimi's cradle- SO EXCITED to start this one!

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  1. I love that you are going to keep your quilt. I can't tell you how many quilts I have finished and then given away because they didn't meet my expectations or I was just tired of them in the end.

  2. Keeping that quilt is awesome. I think the fabric pulls are going to work out great.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful! I once read a quote in regards to quilting that said, "Finished is better than perfect!" I love that your church congregation taught you your first piecing lessons. We have that in common, as that is where I got my first lesson, too! I hope you keep it. Looking back, I wish I had kept my first quilt I made for sentiment. Don't feel bad, I have a quilt I made 10 years ago that I still haven't bound. Maybe this year!

  4. Some of my points still look like that lol! I think it's a great idea to keep for Christmas celebrations - we all started from humble beginnings :)

  5. Oh I definitely think it is worth finishing! I like that backing a lot, even if the reds and whites aren't perfect, it's not like you see both sides at the same time very often!

  6. Go you!! Happy to hear that you are going to finish it!

  7. I think you should finish it. I would use a different back, something that matches the red better. Personally it would bother me. I have a red and white WIP that I've decided I want to finish so I can pull it out and decorate my bed room for Christmas.

  8. I'd use that awesome red backing with something else you'll love and want to use/see. But I think it's a fun WIP and you should definitely finish it! XO