Monday, September 23, 2013

Butler Baby

I won a little bundle of charms from Melissa at My Fabric Relish last week from her 'First Quilt' linky party!! Along with a photo of David Butler "to do with as I please." Ha! It all came in the mail today, which is great timing, cause my husband is out of town (trade show in Houston). How does one explain getting a photo of another man in the mail? Which then would have had me explaining all the quilting memes out there of the poor guy.....  Of course, my husband would've just rolled his eyes at me and made some remark about all the crazy quilting ladies and their cats and now photos of David Butler. (For the record, we now own two barn cats...which officially makes me a crazy quilting cat lady...AAH! In my defense, the cats are BARN cats, we just don't have a barn I guess that makes them field cats...okay, fine. Outside cats. They do excel at killing things.)

So now I've this wonderful sample of David Butler prints AND a picture of the man to go with them! (Thank you Melissa!!) What to do? What to do? I'm really in a slicing/dicing improv mood. Like I just want to slice everything up into little bits with no rhyme or reason, but I can't quite commit to that. Luckily, these prints are on the smaller scale, so I can cut into them extensively without losing the integrity of the print as a whole. Who knows what I'll end up doing, but I think I'll keep them together. Wish me luck!

Don't you just love that squinty-eyed James Bond look? My 2 year-old is super good at doing it, too!  Watch.... See?  Isn't he great at it?? Please ignore me in particular, I normally look just like that much better. 

So here he they are in all their glory! Now to start planning something out. 


  1. Sometimes I forget just how hairy Brian is. Wow. That would be me if I didn't shave.
    Your post cracked me up! What will you do with that fabric? I've never bought any of his fabric because I don't know how to use it. I'm anxious to see what you decide.

    I miss you guys!

    1. I am really missing you two today! There is a shop hop that is about 75 miles from start to finish. I did a small portion of it today. One of the shops was soooo rude, of course the one closest to my house. One shop was wonderful, second closest to my house. They are mostly LDS ladies. Great shop with lots of fabric, but the cheapest fabric is $11.50/yd. None of these shops had a sale. I was just expecting some great deals. I took a bunch of money with me and only spent $12. So disappointing! It just made me wish you all were with me.

    2. 11.50 a yard?! Geez!! Makes online look great. Disappointed in the rude LDS lady, glad I wasn't there, my mouth can run away with me. XO

  2. Hilarious! I just have to laugh every time I see that picture of David Butler. I love every piece of his fabric. I would love to just start cutting it up and see what comes of it. I am sure you will do something very clever. but you will probably need more!