Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tiny Things Are Cuter

Look at this tiny hexie flower I pieced.  By hand.  Without paper shapes.  LIKE A BOSS.

I wanted to make a little pouch to keep my hexie-making stuff tidy.  I thought those tiny hexies that I got in my ten dollar box of vintage miraculousness would be the perfect embellishment.  Now that I've conquered my fear of hexies, I felt like I could take on a tiny hexie and not fail.  These are 1/2" hexies.  Here's a few pics for scale.

I wanted to use a lighter fabric for the body of the pouch, like an Architextures print, but was worried it would get dirty too quickly.  I like something really modern with the traditional hexie flower, but the flower sort of gets lost in the busy print.  Now I wish I would have made the flower with all one fabric instead of scrappy, that would have helped.  

I also wish I would have found a better pouch tutorial.  This was my very first try at installing a zipper.  It's.... functional.  NOT like a boss.  I hate how the edges don't line up.  I knew that was going to happen because of the instructions (or lack thereof) but didn't know how to solve it.  Do you have a pouch tutorial you really like?

I finished sewing my field of confetti for my Lotta quilt.  Not sure what fabric should surround it.  Jenn, have you ever used yarn dyed essex linen in denim?  I'm hoping it's dark enough, but I'd like to see it in person somewhere before I buy two and a half yards of it.  Any other suggestions?


Planning Stage:
Peacock Costume
Slurpee Costume

Cutting Stage:
Bye Baby Bunting- need a few more triangles
Dresden Sheets- new idea brewing.  Cut out the extra pinks, find some more purple
Let's Talk About Hex

Piecing stage:
Lotta Confetti- Looking for the perfect surrounding fabric. 

Top Done:
Starburst of Indie- Need to piece the back- Donating to Margaret's Hope Chest in October
AMH Tiles - piece a back and learn how to hand quilt!
Way old Christmas WIP- I WILL be done in time for Christmas

Hexie Pouch


  1. Oh! I love hexies! Your little bag is adorable.

  2. Your pouch looks great! I haven't used EYD in Denim, but I think it'd look great! Be careful though, it shrinks a TON, so prewash before you use (learned the hard way, took me a couple of lessons, too).

    1. Thank you for the tip! I ordered some today. We'll see what it looks like.

  3. You are right - tiny is cuter. I can't believe you didn't use paper - thats amazin'!

  4. So darling! Your zipper looks great. It took me several tries before I got very good at it.
    That tiny hexie is to die for. Does it make you want to do a million more?

    1. No, it doesn't! It was pretty tricky.

  5. I admire those of you that are doing hexie projects...I just don't think I have the patience for that! Your projects look fantastic!