Sunday, September 22, 2013

I CAN finish a quilt!

Just give me a deadline and 2 days off work!  Here's Heidi's gender neutral quilt.  I love it!  While I was making my quilt sandwich heather said "do you think It's too green?" Ugh, no! I really like it. It's too late now anyway.
So how many hours does it take you to make a 45x45 inch quilt?  I'm concerned that I am super slow.  This should have been a very easy pattern, still took me about 12 hrs.
I am definitely going to make a quilt that is all green, white and black. Did you see my favorite block?
Things I learned:
contrasting colors look better.
I really love hand sewing the binding.
The quilting on this quilt was easy and very fun, and I loved the way it turned out.


  1. I love it! And I don't think it's "too green"! I think it's GREAT!! And the quilting is fabulous! My favorite kind of quilting, actually! Awesome job!

    As for timing, I dunno. It just takes you as long as it takes you. If you're happy with the process, then don't worry about it. For me, I have a short attention span, so I have to get my quilts finished asap, or else they end up on the back burner (and never get finished) while I start another one.

  2. What a fabulous gender neutral quilt! And thank you for taking clear pictures! It's a really great use of Comma. The quilting is a perfect choice. That would have taken me twelve hours alone.
    I'm super slow, but who cares! No reason to be concerned about it. I still feel like I'm pretty new to this. The real problem is, I can't justify buying more fabric unless I'm actually using the fabric I already have. THAT is a good reason to want to be faster.

    Green black and white would be great! I thought black wasn't your favorite. What pattern? A flying geese quilt is on my bucket list, and would look good in those colors.

  3. I have Camille Roskelley's simplify book and there is a darling boy quilt in it that is green, black and white. I just can't resist. I am also making another comma quilt with a mini charm pack. I LOVE this line, which is kind of wierd for me. I am such a flowery white and pink kinda girl. Heather said "Mom, pink is not your favorite color." All four quilts I have out in my craft room have that exact same green color in them, and the walls of my craft room are that exact color, which was not my choice but Kirsten's 12 years ago. Weird!