Friday, September 13, 2013


Oh girls...I'm in trouble. Had I known just how delightfully delicious Scrumptious truly was, I wouldn't have wasted a penny of my FQS gift card on any Tula. And considering my love affair with Tula, that's saying something!

This Tulsa Pink line is probably my least favorite of hers, so I just chose the prints I loved (and I do love them) and this is all I will get. The problem is, most of the time, I see Tula in real life and love it, but not on the computer.  Anyway, I'll incorporate them into my stash and they'll go into scrappy quilts. Cause that's how I work.

On to Scrumptious. I can't remember the last time I loved a line as much as this one. Actually, now that I think about it, I can. It was Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill. So I guess not that long ago, but if feels like forever!

Seriously, Bonnie and Camille aptly named Scrumptious, it's so good!

The only print I don't like is the white on white stripe. And that I think is due to a manufacturing issue, not a designing issue (cause I love monochromatic). The print comes off as cheap and "plasticky". And it's very see-through (as you can tell).

Other than that, I think I'm in love! Here's where I'm in trouble...I want more. Lot's more. Like yards of all of it. But considering that there's something like 35(?) prints and a FQ bundle is $124 buckaroos, it ain't happening...or at least it shouldn't. 

This year I've put a 7 day wait period on my fabric purchases (unless it's something commissioned for Brian) and that has greatly reduced that amount of fabric that has entered my house. Which is a good thing. But I am struggling. I want 5 yards of the flowers on aqua for backing. I know that for sure. I want 1/2 yards of the sweet little flower things (don't know the name) and like 5 other prints.

 I think I may be dying.... The only thing that is saving me, and my bank account from being completely depleted (and then the Wrath of Brian) is the fact that yardage doesn't come out until October, or some ridiculous date like that. Anyway, just thought you girls should know that I am dying of desire and you should join me :)

My pictures were all taken with my iPad on a cloudy day (thank goodness, it's been sunny and 10-20 degrees above normal for over a month) and on my bed. Oh there's the prints I considered for the backing for the Lakehouse quilt. Glad I could keep them!


  1. I agree on ALL ACCOUNTS. Acacia is just not speaking to me. BUT SCRUMPTIOUS!! I put a FQ bundle in my cart on Etsy last night. I LOVE EVERY PRINT! And April Showers looks like it's going to be just as cute. I'm hoping my Quilt Shop Craft Store is going to carry the yardage, because they take 40% off coupons.
    I know what you mean by plasticky. I felt that way about a few prints of Happy Go Lucky.

    1. Exactly! And if you can use a 40% off coupon, I'll be sending you out to do my dirty work! Lucky girl. Oh the joys of living in Utah....

  2. PS- the doily print. I die.

  3. LOVING those "Scrumptious" fabrics. I'm a sucker for anything floral. LOL

  4. I can not get enough of Bonnie and Camille and I really am in LOVE with scrumptious! I agree with the white on white and the happy go lucky too, plasticky. But it blends so well I don't want to leave it out! I also want yards and yards of it, all Bonnie and Camille!

  5. Hold on girl, don't die on us:)Soon enough you can get some. And Yes it does look Scrumptious! You have go me nervous because I pre-ordered an Acacia bundle....