Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sewing on Sunday

AFTER reading my scriptures and putting Sunday dinner in the crockpot, I came into my craft room and started pinning some quilt pieces together getting them ready to sew. Our church starts at 1:00, UGH!  Heather came in and said "how many quilts are you working on right now"?  Well, that is a good question.  This is what is sitting out.
1.  S is for stitch, boy.  Dang, I am so stuck!  I want it to be bigger and don't know what fabric to use.  I'm starting to dislike this quilt!
2.  Heathers rain quilt. I had to stop progress to make a baby quilt for Heidi, Cameron's niece, who is keeping the gender a secret (even from herself). Because Cameron is flying to Rochester, heidis home, a week from Monday and I can send the quilt with him and save myself a lot of money shipping it!  And that is what is in the sewing machine,  3.a comma quilt for Heidi.  I am very excited about this one! Gender neutral and very modern for me!
Lori Holt keeps quilt pieces in her machine all the time so if she only has a few minutes she can do a little piecing.  I am trying it and have found ten minutes here and there to sew a few pieces. She also keeps her quilts in baskets all organized. It seems to be helping me.
4.  And the cabana flowers quilt on the wall because Jens Alaska quilt mesmerized me and I had to blatantly copy it!
Dang, and Mindy got me mesmerized over kdubs quilt.
5.  Oh, and my hand pieced hexie quilt that I work on a couple times a week.
So 5 "in progress". And 10 half done in the closet waiting patiently.
Which brings me to my real reason for posting.  HOW do you ever find the time. Seriously, I spend maybe 3 hours a week.  I just can't seem to ever make time.
When do you quilt?
I am working as many hours as I can so I can buy more fabric.  I am doing my church stuff and all the house upkeep, feeding my family, cleaning. Sunday mornings I have a little time. Do I sew on sunday?  I don't feel right about it because I really enjoy it. Haha!  Shouldn't I be visiting the sick. Please help!


  1. Comma is a great gender neutral line!
    Heather's top is coming along nicely.
    Cabana Blooms is going to be GORGEOUS!
    Put your S is for stitch quilt away for a while. Don't look at or think about it. Bring it out again in a few months. You'll have fresh eyes and fresh ideas.
    Is it wrong to pursue your hobbies on your day of rest? Is it the actual sewing that bothers you? Do you find it restful or is it work? Is it a way you are sharing your talents with loved ones? I would read a talk about keeping the sabbath day holy and ask yourself those questions. The answers might vary depending on the project you are working on.

  2. OH...MY...GOODNESS!! I am in LOVE with every quilt I just saw there!! Dying!

    I'm with Mindy, put away the Stitch quilt. That's what I do. I have 4 quilts that are either in the cutting stages or the piecing stages just put away. Some have been put away for over a year. I still love them and get them out on occasion to see if a new idea will work for them, but I put them back until I figure out a solution.

    As for sewing on Sunday...heck yeah! But not every Sunday. Sewing is a stress reliever for me. Once in RS we had a discussion about keeping the Sabbath day holy and one of the sisters (a hand quilter) said she never sews on Sunday because it is a "chore" for her and she does it so much during the week. I said it is the opposite for me (at a time I was also hand-quilting), I sew on Sunday because I don't get to do much of it during the week and I enjoy it. It's relaxing and calming for me. You just need to figure out how it feels to you and go from there.

    But, I also get a bit of sewing in during the week. If I have sewed all week (like last week) I don't sew on Sunday. But if I sew like I usually do, which is MAX an hour a day, maybe two if Wyatt takes a super good long nap, then I'll sew on Sunday. Hope that helps.

  3. Such great advice, I love you little darlings! I can't believe how much you get done sewing only an hour a day Jenn! I am taking Wednesday off this week so I can go to the gym and then come home and sew, sew, sew. And then I found out there are 2 ladies moving this week that need help packing, one of them is single! So there you go. Was I prompted to take Wednesday off for myself? I think not!

  4. Jenni if you end up doing that quilt I did, go to this blog for some tips. She had a great idea to keep the blocks from getting distorted.