Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Economy Blocks


This little lady is giving me fits.  She's my last block for the Fussy cut FPP swap I joined, and I just can't seem to find the *right* fabrics to pair with her.  I've learned at least two things on this swap: I have practically no purple/lavender fabric.  I have hardly any small prints.  Lots of large, and lots of medium.  Lots of medium small.  Not a lot of small. 

Also, did you see Red Pepper Quilts supplied me with a real name for this block?  She calls it an Economy Block.  I don't know if that is just an Australia thing or what, but I like it.  And if it is Australian, that makes me like it better.

Isn't this a pretty stack of fabric?  It's what I pulled to create the other eleven blocks.  Again, no purple. 

XOXO- Pinspot 


  1. I've been making these too and found I have no darker greens. I would try the blue with white polka dots in the center and the black with the ribbons on the outside. They all end up looking cute anyway!

    1. I used a purplish Tula Pink print with a bright pink Basket Weave print form the Amelia line from Moda. You're right, they all end up cute! And the black bows are a favorite print!

  2. These are turning out so great! Funny that you don't have any small prints, that is basically all I have! It is fun to see what you are drawn to. I love the new fabrics, they are going to be great!

  3. I'm with Jenni, most of my stashed prints are small, unless it's just part of a collection I bought. And I guess I already knew you didn't have purple, since it's your least favorite color :)