Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Clover clips

I am in love with these little gems!  I usually pin my binding and I get pin pricked a million times.  These work soooo much better.  I wondered how well they would stay clipped on, let me tell you they don't budge. I've dragged this quilt all over the place today and Cooper and Tyson have climbed all over the quilt and me.  They have stayed right where I clipped them! They are awesome!  Do you girls have some?  I got them on amazon, $12.00 for 50.  Totally worth it!


  1. Uh, where did this post come from?

    I haven't used them, but I started making a photo Christmas list, and I put them on it. $12 is cheaper than Joann's with a coupon! I always scrape myself with my binding pins. I hate that. What do you guys use to secure your rolled up quilt while you are machine quilting?

  2. I don't where this came from. I posted it Saturday night but it didn't show up, so I posted it again and then it showed up here? I am blogger challenged for sure!
    I don't secure my quilts while machine quilting. I just roll them up and tuck them in. Such a pain in the neck, but I enjoy machine quilting so I just deal with it!

  3. I think blogger is having issues. I still can't comment on certain sites.

    I'm with Jenni, I just roll it up and tuck it in (sometimes I just stuff it through). I've thought about these, but I usually never pin my binding on, just slowly wind it on as I go along. Takes less time.