Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More quiet book pages

I learned that trying to sew these tiny people together with a sewing machine does not work as well as sewing them by hand!
The sea creatures are finger puppets, I need to make a few more.
And some fabric, of course.  I don't know Why I keep buying fabric when I am not quilting It's just crazy!
This is from quilted castle, some end of bolts and half yds. For $3.50
More bonnie and Camille
Two of ruby and one marmalade.
Mary rose spring
Petal pink antique ticking rose
They sent me a quilt pattern, so nice!
This is from bloomerie
All 1/4 yds. Of little red riding hood.  I couldn't help myself after seeing Mindy's. It was $1.75 for a 1/4 yd.
Isn't it pkg cute all color coordinated!


  1. What a cute clam!! And yeah, they definitely look better sewn by hand.

    You know how much I LOVE Ruby!! Great find! I guess you'd best start quilting again :)

  2. THE CLAM! I just had a coronary over the cuteness of it. Your quiet books are amazing.

    I think the same thing about fabric, and I am quilting. I look at my stash and feel like a total glutton.

    1. Total glutton, but when it comes in the mail it gives me such a high! Oh dear, Isn't that a sign of an addiction? I will start quilting again, especially now that I know B's schedule and Natalee, our 5 week visitor will be leaving next Thursday. I am hung up on a few things. Can you two fly out here and talk me through them?

    2. I'll be there the first weekend in December, can you wait that long? I'm a glutton as well, but I don't think I fret about it as much as you two :) And I LOVE getting new fabric in the mail, but not as much as taking a quilt out of the dryer for the first time!