Tuesday, June 18, 2013

While I was in Alaska...

The postman was busy bringing me fabric!
Some Japanese pretties from www.sewdeerlyloved.com
A layer cake of Avalon by fig tree and co.
And some darling garden fabric with mini orange polkadots for the back.  I saw the cutest blanket at church the other day. Two pieces of the cutest cotton fabric ever sewn together, no quilting or batting, with small pompoms for "binding" I immediately came home and bought this fabric to make one.
I am working on a couple of quilts that I hope will be done soon so I can finally get them posted!


  1. That quilt sounds darling! Can you make a tutorial because it doesn't make sense in my head. How do you quilt a quilt that doesn't have binding? Do you quilt it after? I can't figure it out. The fabric you got for it is so much fun!!

    Also, do you always unwrap your layer cakes?

  2. I love that fabric!! And I've seen one of those quilts online once, but can't remember where. Tutorial, pics, would be great!

    Mindy, I always unwrap my layer cakes, because I want to look at each piece, but then I have to keep it all together, which is a pain. So I really should just leave it packaged.

  3. Yes I will try to do a tutorial. It isn't really a quilt. It is just two pieces of fabric. No quilting involved. I always unwrap my layer cakes so I can see every piece of fabric. Then I put it all back in a nice pile and roll it up and put it in a plastic hanging shoe holder (Jenn's idea). And then Tyson and Cooper pull them out and lay out big quilts with all the pieces that they like. Tyson says "how's this, Grandma", and I have to figure out what goes where when I out it away. I just remembered I never did do a pic of my fabric storage. Maybe I will work on it this week. Oh how I wish you all would just fly out here and see it in person! What fun we could have!

    1. Wouldn't that be so fun!? One of these years I'm sure we'll all get together. Brian won't let me put up my plastic shoe holder at our new house, I guess he really hated it at our last place.... I loved it, though.