Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shop Hop


Feeling lonesome for you both today (now yesterday.) I went on a fabric shop hop and really wished I had some company. The good news is, shop hops are awesome! Great deals and free prizes.

This is what I bought.  Two quilt patterns, some yardage to make a pillow from a dresden plate I pieced from yellow vintage sheets, some random cuts that were too good of deals to pass up, and a noteworthy charm pack that was 40% off.   I think I paid $2 for the turquoise hounds tooth and it's 3/4 of a yard.  That was probably my best deal of the day. 

Jenn, isn't this the prettiest color of purple? 

Here's what I got for free: a book that shows all the quilt stores in the US, a pattern, A swatch buddies ring, a measuring tape, a cute wax bee thread conditioner, a fat eighth, a whole stack of free block patterns,  and eight 6.5" squares.  The shop in Gardner Village always has a scrap basket with these 6-7" squares for 25 cents.  Whitney picked some out last time because she wants to sew a little quilt together.  I got these to add to her pile, but when I went to the register the lady asked if I brought any little girls with me.  Apparently they were giving two away to each little girl.  She gave them all to me for free since I had four little girls at home.  Wasn't that sweet?

At each shop you can enter to win extra prizes and $50-$100 gift certificates.  Fingers crossed!  Apparently the hop in the fall is way bigger and better.  They give away several sewing machines!  Nice $1500 sewing machines.  It's at the end of October.  Don't you wanna join me?!?


  1. This is awesome. How far did you have to travel? How awesome they gave the fabric for the girls. I hope you win something BIG! I thought you were going away in October!
    I will have to figure out when they do this in Phoenix.

    1. I went down to South Jordan, but they had shops all the way in Payson.
      I am going away in October, but not that weekend. Are you gonna watch my kids?

  2. I adore those yellows! And that is a great purple! I'll be in AZ in October, but get something good. And seriously, I hope you win something GOOD!!

  3. Wait, you're going to AZ in October? Is this for the spa retreat thing?

  4. UPDATE: Amelia ate the wax bee thingy. Here's hoping its all natural!

  5. What?! She ATE it? Is she teething? Or is she way to old to teethe? I'm sure it will come out the other end :)

    Yes, AZ is for the Directors' Mtg, hopefully I can go this year!