Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hey girls, I am finishing up a baby girl quilt to donate to our friend Joyce's fundraiser auction to raise money to pay for her cancer costs. I want to put a tag/label that says? Three snippy sisters, snippysisters.blogspot.com, or both?  A lot of people will be looking at this quilt and I want to put our blog on it.  The next question is how.  Do you put a tag that is  folded over and flappy? Or one of those twill tags in the corner that goes from binding to binding? Am I making sense.  There is a tutorial on pintetest on how to make a label, I am just wondering how to apply it.  If you girls are going to do labels ever we should be consistent. Thoughts......


  1. Hmmm, I've never thought about labels. I don't mind the twill corner label. I've wondered how people attach the labels they make. Do they piece them into the back? Do they pink the edges and just sew them on? When is that auction? I wonder if I have time to finish up that Starburst of Indie quilt and send it in. Would anyone want it?

  2. All the labels I've seen are in the binding or attached by appliqué. Rachel at Stitched in Color has talked about labels before and I was going to order some from Etsy. They're relatively inexpensive if anyone wants to go halvsies with me sometime.

    I'm sure someone would want your quilt, Pinspot.