Monday, April 29, 2013

Dear most talented sisters

you should do this!

We have had many fantastic contributors to Fat Quarterly but are always looking for new contributors or for more contributions from previous contributors.  What do we need from you?  We need you to be able to design your own project from scratch.  It might be a quilt, a pillow, a table runner, a bag or any other quilty item.  We need you to be able to calculate yardage requirements for the whole project and write up a pattern.  And finally we need you to be able to take good final photos of the finished project.  You also need to be able to provide in-progress shots or diagrams showing how the projects is made.


  1. I totally think you could do it! I'm surprised by your reactions.

  2. Here's what hinders me: original idea- I copy everything. Pattern writing- no experience. Good quality photos- well that one is self-explanatory.

  3. Now that you have copied everything you creative juices are flowing. I don't think pattern writing is a problem, you already did it on this blog. Matt did a great job on the photos for the quilt you gave the co-worker. Seriously, didn't you make an owl purse? and entered it into a contest?
    I am completely confident that Jenn can do this too! Think of the free fabric.
    BTW, I have never had an original thought in my life, so that is not going to happen.