Monday, April 29, 2013

Help Me Choose

I'm throwing together a quick baby gift and I can't decide which I like best. What do you think? There's a Dear Stella print called Gridlock, a plain dark grey, and a light grey crosshatch from Architextures. I pulled the gridlock print first, but then thought it might be too busy. The back will be a light aqua minky. The nursery colors are various shades of turquoise orange and grey.
XO, Pinspot


  1. I llike the dark gray on the top! Cute! Have you sewn with minky before?
    It makes me a little nervous.

  2. I like either the dark gray or the gridlock. I've sewn with minky and never had a problem. Good luck!

  3. Dark grey it is! I've never used minky, so I've been reading about it online. We'll see how it goes.