Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Scrap Bins Overfloweth

I'm trying to get organized down in that wreck-of-a-basement. While down there I noticed, again, that I have an overabundance of scraps. I thought this was pretty normal until I started reading quilt blogs. Most of those quilty bloggers only have one scrap bin. I have ten, or more. The really organized bloggers keep them in those plastic six drawer chests. I would need at least two of those chests. It's ridiculous.  And now, please enjoy some low-res, taken at night, in my dark basement, iPhone pics.

Part of the problem is the big box of vintage fabric scraps I bought at an estate sale a couple of years ago.  It had tall stacks of various sized squares and triangles:

This bag of wonky sized strips that I ironed before we moved:

The cutest, tiniest hexies on the planet.  Isn't that fabric to die for?

These butterflies:

A stack of random and poorly pieced nine patch blocks:

About 20 of these goldy-orange 16 patch blocks.  Hand pieced:

A stack of the hexie flowers out of broad cloth and that ubiquitous gingham:

So what should I do?  Should I get rid of everything I don't love?  Or what I don't think I'll ever use?  The butterflies are ADORABLE, but can I really see myself appliqueing 20 of them?  Have you ever thought about doing a destash on Etsy?

How do you organize your scrap bins?  Do you cut your pieces into charms squares and strings?  Do you save every little scrap?  Do you have any favorite scrappy patterns?  Are you like me and feel a moral obligation to thriftily use as much as possible because it shouldn't go to waste?  Even though I only paid ten bucks for that box?  Should I separate the vintage scraps from the contemporary scraps?

Howsabout a blog assignment.  Take a pic of your scrap bin(s) and post it.  Jenn, I'm counting on you to be binS not just bin.  Help me feel better about my situation. 


  1. I say chuck anything you don't love (but I'll happily take those butterflies). Or find some YW who might use them (there's one in my ward who has a very fashionable doll). And I will follow through on my assignment, though I'm afraid you may be disappointed....

  2. I only have one scrap bin and it is tiny! I was such a tosser, I just started saving scraps. Give the butterflies to Jenn. I think those hexies are the real deal, certainly you will save them! Try the etsy thing with the scraps you don't like. Or wait until we get some more projects done and we can do a give-away on our little blog. I like the gold 16 patches, and they are hand made! I don't cut up my scraps because I think I might need it big. I love all those scrappy patterns so I am saving everything. I think you should just seperate by color!