Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Assignment: Scrap

I've never been a scrappy kinda girl. Although I do LOVE LOVE LOVE me some scrappy quilts!! And I by and far prefer to make quilts that have a million different fabrics in them and aspire to one day make a charm quilt (a quilt with not one repeating fabric). But alas, I can barely stand to keep scraps. My scrap bin is unashamedly dismal. And every year, when Rachel has her scraptacular festival of scrappiness, I resolve to enlarge my chest of scraps and strips. Yet it never really happens and I have to make a conscious effort to do so. It turns out, I don't like to waste my fabric (yes, I admit to hoarding issues) therefore, I don't have many scraps to speak of. These are my rules when it comes to scraps.

1. If the scrap is between 5" and 10" I put it in my charm and layer cake bin. Now I admit, I've got a TON of charm packs! I have 5 layer cakes, but probably 20 charm packs that I've gone through and taken out squares. And then I've added a bit from a few scraps.

2. If my leftovers from a project are bigger than 10", or about the size of a fat eighth, or larger, I put them back into my stash. I think that's where the majority of my "scraps" end up, back into my stash.

3. If they are smaller than 5" or I love the fabric so much that I want to save every last little bit, then it goes into my scrap bin. But they have to be bigger than 2", because I don't want to be keeping anything smaller than that.

So, there you have it, my scrappy rules! And here are a few iPad pics of my scrap bin and charm packs/layer cakes.


  1. You disappoint me! I guess I better get a handle on that situation? Do you seriously want the butterflies? How many?
    You do have quite the layer cake and charm square collection. I think layer cakes are so useful. I'm learning that a layer cake would do just fine for most of the quilts I want to make.

  2. I 'd love the butterflies! And I'll take them all :) I think your scrap bins are just fine, although I really would get rid of anything you don't think you'll ever use again, or at all. And you should see my fabric stash, it's ginormous, so don't feel bad. And layer cakes are wonderful!!

  3. Wow Jenn so organized. I think I will copy you and keep the same kind of scraps. I have been making easter skirts and have thrown out a ton of scraps. What was I thinking? Some of them are like 10" by 15". I pulled them all out and folded them up.