Thursday, March 21, 2013


Well I've spent the whole morning trying to purge and consolidate the scrap bins, and honestly it's been pretty fun!  I've filled a whole box with stuff headed for the DI.  That feels pretty good!  I started a fabric scraps pin board for inspiration and it seems like I might be able to work through these scraps and bang out some quilt tops.  Looks like Rachel will be doing some sort of string-along.   Maybe I'll make that scrappy string triangle quilt.
 I wanted to share with you some of my favorite prints from the vintage stash, just for fun. Get ready for a boatload of pics!

 It looks like these fishies are coming home from the pet store in a plastic baggy.  I'm not sure what the design is supposed to be, but I think its adorable. 

Speaking of adorable, it doesn't get any cuter than Bambi.

Some of these older fabrics have unusual color schemes.  I love this royal blue, grey and pink print.  I'm pretty sure this is a feed sack.

I wish I had more of the bottom print.  

I love the bottom left print with circles,  It makes me think of Italy and race cars. 

Is this not so Kate Spain?

I have yards of these adorable cowboys!  Love

I have yards of this, too.  I don't know what the material is though.  It's stiff, but loosely woven.  I don't think it's a feed sack because of the size, but it is definitely old.  

Jenn- I know you love purple.  Again, I'd never put peach and purple together, but it looks really great in this feed sack print

The one on the right might be my most favorite print of all time, old or new.  I love it!  I wish I had yardage of it.  It looks traditional and contemporary at the same time.

The navy and lime is pretty fabulous, too.

It think these are all feed sacks.

The thumbprint chicks are killing me.

Isn't this one so cool?  Kinda snakey.

Another very modern color combo; lime, coral and gray.

I only have a few triangles of this, which is a crying shame.

Another 20 little basted flowers.  I really must learn how to applique.

More feed sack

Hey Jenn, she started this really great purpley block, you wanna finish it?

For $10, I think I got the deal of a lifetime.  Lest ye be too jealous, these did NOT come from a smoke-free home!  Boy howdy, this old Betty liked her ciggies.  I've decided to store the old scraps separately, because of that.  I've already used them in a quilt, and I've never noticed the smell since it's been washed, so that's lucky.   Well, that was probably more fun for me than for you, but I do love looking at pics of old fabric.  Speaking of, I think I need to learn how to use my nice camera. 


  1. I love all of it!! And I would totally put peach and purple together :) and I'd love to finish those purpley blocks! My favorite print was probably the Indians, that cracked me up!

    1. I will happily send those blocks your way. Along with 20 butterflies. You will die of cute. But, I am keeping my four favorites because I can't bare to part with them. I am also keeping nine pinky ones that I think we should do a bee quilt out of when Kirsten or Heather has a baby girl. Can you believe there were 33!?

    2. Wow! 33! That's amazing! And thanks! I'm looking forward to it! I think that would be so cute to do a pink quilt for Heather or Kirsten.

  2. I love the thumbprint chicks, the last navy feedsack, bambi and those cowboys are AWESOME! And BTW, super fun for me too. I want Jenn to take a bunch of pics of her scraps!