Saturday, March 16, 2013

Instead of quilting....

A couple of weeks ago Joanns had their flannel on sale.  I bought 4 yds., enough to make two receiving blankets.  I wanted to buy 20 but I knew I had a bunch of blankets waiting to be finished.  When I put up the shelves I sorted through all the fabric and found 18 yds of flannel waiting to be made into 9 blankies.  So I finally sat down and cut them all out,  then turned them inside out,  and sewed them together. Then turned them right side out and used my wing needle and zigzag stitch to get them ready for crocheting! The very next morning I got a call from a friend saying that our mutual friends water broke 9 weeks early and she is stuck in the hospital bored to death.  Did I know where they could buy some receiving blankets all ready to crochet.  Wow!  I was ready!  Unfortunately the baby came the next day and she didn't get to crochet.  The baby is doing well!
So here they are ready to crochet, except for the last one that i finished for Lydia, Kirsten's baby that has yet to be conceived! (Hee hee)


  1. Oh man, that must be so satisfying! You were busy Jenni!

  2. I love that cute brown boy print! And I love it when I have things just ready to go. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of these done :)