Friday, March 7, 2014

April Showers

Got this layer cake on sale at Green Fairy quilts, and it arrived today.  I am in love!  Jenn, I know you are not a fan, but this line is fabulous.  I was a little unsure because of the two greens.  But you need them both and I see why they decided to use them.  The medicine green isn't leafy enough for florals.  I think they work well together.  

This line has so many basics.  Polka dots, bias stripes AND gingham.  Plus the raindrop print and the cherry dot squares.  

The red is a nice cherry red, and not the orangey red that seems to be in vogue right now. 

Only two florals, a medium and a small.  That's unusual for B&C. The small foral is sweet as pie.  The medium floral is the only print I'm not on love with.  It looks a little Christmassy to me.

I can't recall them doing a novelty print before, but essentially that's what the umbrellas are. 

I think I'm going to regret not getting an FQ bundle!  I'll hoping my LQS that takes coupons gets yardage, cause I'm definitely buying up the basics of this line.


  1. I got the FQB last week and am sooooo pleased. I wish I could buy a yard of all those fabulous basics. They really are amazing!

  2. You are teasing all of us. The fabrics are so pretty. Thanks for the great review of them all.

  3. I think the raindrops are my favorite. Pretty!

  4. While I don't love this line, I do LOVE those cherry prints!! Might have to pick up some of those :)