Monday, February 24, 2014

Thank heaven's my husband doesn't read our blog!

I just glued gunned this puppy to the wall.  I've been fighting with it for months to keep it upright, leaning, against the wall. Enough is enough! I bought a "big gun" glue gun at harbor freight and bit the bullet and stuck it up there, permanently, I hope! Now I can keep quilt pieces up for more than five minutes. Woohoo!
Have a happy day!


  1. BHAHAHAHA!! That's one way.... Or you could've just stapled it...or nailed it.... But glue gun works. Isn't it SOOOO GREAT to have a wall on the actual wall!?! Mine is just batting pinned up with push pins, cause when I run out of batting, which is gonna be soon, I'm gonna use it. Then I'll buy more batting, put it up again and there ya go :)

  2. I have already decided that my next design wall will be more securely attached o the wall. right now it's more of a curtain style but it gets ripples and that is not so good for keeping blocks up there -- maybe not with hot glue but probably with staples.

  3. OH MY!!!! This made me LOL. I love it! desperate times call for desperate measures!