Thursday, February 13, 2014


Jenn here. Yesterday I sang "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...." Man, I hate that song! Like seriously. Hate it. Except that it gets stuck in my head every single year. 

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 36. That's on the closer side of 40, just in case you were wondering. And to make up for that, my awesome family gave me a bunch of presents! Most of them quilting related. Would you like a peak?

  Each of my kids gave me a Kona charm pack in each flavor and my husband gave me a shot cotton pack. Mmm, so good! 

He also gave me this cute little FQ bundle of the Sidewalks line

 SIL gave me Clover clips. Yay!

My husband also got me a half yard bundle of Hawthorne Threads new solids line to test out and some Aurifil thread...and now he really knows how much fabric and thread costs. Which means I'm in trouble...cuz he's really good at math....

 Mindy gave me these colorful zippers and gigantic amount of Ikea text fabric, with two FQ's thrown in. Thanks Mins, I LOVE it!!

And my MIL gave me a new iron!! It's a Cordless Panasonic. And it works great so far!! I'll let you know how much I love it as I really use it. 

I also got some kitchen gadgets and bathroom stuff, and some money from my parents, but the best gift? Wanna know?? The one that made me jump up and down like a 7-year old who just won a lifetime of candy?

It's not here yet, but it should be soon!!!  I am SO EXCITED!!! AND...he is either buying or making me a sewing cabinet/table. OR he might buy me a frame. Not sure. But dude. I have no words. Okay, I have lots of words: AWESOME! AMAZERIFIC! INCREDIBLE! FANTASTILICIOUS! I can keep going but I probably shouldn't. I'll leave you with two more words. Can't wait!! Oh, and my guy can be pretty amazing :)


  1. Wow! My friend just bought a Juki and we both love it! Just think, if you got all this for turning 36, what will you get when you turn 50? I can't wait to see...

  2. I am so excited! Remember when I called you on your birthday? Well I knew what you were getting and wondered if he had told you yet! WOOHOO!!! You deserve it!

  3. How nice to be spoiled on your birthday!! Sounds like the perfect day!! You sure got some lovely prressies.

  4. Holy crap!! I was all in awe of all the fabric and what not, then i saw the cordless iron! And i so want one of those. But then the Juki!!! OMG!! You are one lucky gal!