Saturday, January 4, 2014

Quilty Box

I got a Quilty Box as a gift from my be/fri. Does she know me well or what?!?  I literally squealed when I saw the logo on the box.  

Here are the contents:

Two Andover charm packs.  I believe the lines are Clover Sunshine from Alison Glass and Hothouse Flowers from Mo Bodell.  

This book and pattern.  At first I thought the charm packs were meant to go with the pattern, but after sorting I realized charm squares are too small to use.  That was a bummer.

Not sure what this stuff is, but that's part of the fun!

This art print by Sarah Watts.  Yes I'm holding it with my knees.  They rolled it up for the package, and it got smooshed.  It could use some TLC and a frame. 

Wasn't that a fun gift?  I'm not sure I'd ever subscribe, because I generally ignore all non-fabric quilty things. But I wouldn't mind it as a gift every once in a while.  


  1. what a fun gift to open and so perfectly you!!!

  2. How fun!! Never heard of Quilty Box before, but looks cool! Super jealous of that feather pattern!