Monday, December 30, 2013

Dashing and Stashing

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I know we did round these parts! It was icy, sparkly, and perfect with some family thrown in!

A few days before Christmas all the fabric I ordered came in, plus some extra (a big thank you to Polka Dot Tea fabrics and Connecting Threads)!!  I sure love getting those bulky packages in the mail! It really makes my week!

So this is the fabric from Polka Dot Tea. It is the BEST!! It's mostly Japanese and the hand is delicious!! You've gotta go check them out on esty. They're based in Australia, but shipping is fast and prices are competitive. I've decided I'm making pillows with this fabric for my bay window seat in my living room, since it's been naked for a year and a half. Then I can admire the fabric all the time!

I just love those cherries!

 I bought the Botanics that I loved, then added from my stash. Not sure what this will turn into. Or even if I want to add another color. I'm leaning toward "NO".

 This is the Connecting Threads bundle I won. I'll take some more detailed pictures when I have a few more minutes. But I think it's called Spring Fling or something like that.

Which reminds me of my New Year's resolutions. Normally I'm not a "resolutions" kinda gal, I figure if you need to make changes, you best not wait, just do it. But the end of this year got me thinking, and I do have a few. If you don't mind bearing with me, here's a short-ish list:

1. I am going to continue my 48 hour "hold" before I hit that buy now button on fabric purchases. In addition, I'm going to check out the "coming soon" sections and see if there is really something else I am going to want more than what I'm currently purchasing.  I can already tell you there are a few lines I WILL be purchasing this spring, so I gotta save up for that....
2. Learn FPP.
3. Make a bunch of pillows for my window seat in my living room. 
4. Finish ALL my current WIPs by the end of 2014-at least those already in the cutting stage :) and use all the wonderful patterns I've been purchasing over the years. 
5. Ummm....
6. Turns out I have high cholesterol (thanks Mom)! Found that out 2 days before Christmas.... So I gotta get that down. Ugh. So I'll be spending a portion of my sewing time exercising. Double ugh. 
7. Find awesome programming to watch while exercising. I will take recommendations. It's gotta be on Netflix. And not girly. Or dramatic.
8. Learn some non-quilty sewing things, like clutches, totes, or pouches; things with zippers; I need to make a tree skirt for our Christmas tree next year; maybe some curtains; I dunno, whatever I see that I like.

I guess that about sums up my expectations for the New Year. What about you guys? Any quilty aspirations? Or healthy ambitions?


  1. I like your "to do" resolutions list. I set goals, make lists etc on a daily/as needed basis but for sewing the beginning of the year seems to be a great time to set some sewing goals. I love the stack you pulled with Botanics and can't wait to see what it turns into. Have fun exercising!!!

    1. I was going to suggest that you watch some quilting tutorials on YouTube while you exercise to learn some new techniques or if there is a quilt show on PBS at the time you exercise - watch it. I love the tutorials from Missouri Star Quilt Company. The ideas are clever and I love to see the ideas, even if I don't do them.

      I haven't had my cholesterol checked in years. The medication didn't agree with me and the doctor said I had bigger medical issues at the time (I had cancer) and he said we would address it later. I have tried to increase the non-starchy vegetables in my diet. I needed to do that for lots of reasons anyhow. I've lost a tad over 50 pounds in the last year without trying. So, hopefully my numbers are better now.

      If you want to try zippers, you might try putting zippers in your pillows. There are some great tutorials on "hidden" zippers in pillows. I don't remember where I saw it. I did a tutorial for a zipper in the side of a pillow. If the zipper is hidden under a flap, it would be a great way to practice.

      Good luck on your projects and what a great list. 2013 was not the best year and I'm looking forward to 2014. I was only able to complete one project - a table runner. I had surgery on both my eyes in late November and am anticipating new Rx for glasses in a couple of weeks and hopefully I'll be able to thread a needle again and see to sew either on the machine or by hand. I hope I don't have to have another eye surgery. At least now I know why for the last few years I was having trouble cutting out fabric incorrectly (I wasn't seeing the lines on the ruler correctly with double vision) and was having trouble sewing, reading, and driving.

      Blessings to you in the NEW YEAR!

  2. Fabulous fabrics, I love the Botanics! I haven't decided what my goals will be quite yet. Mindy and I sure missed you this weekend.

  3. What a wonderful mail day! Wow! Love those awesome cherries. And text prints. You lucky dog!
    I like your 48 hour rule, but I'm not going to do it.
    I'm sorry about your cholesterol. :(. Watching quilty shows is a good idea. Check out Sherlock from the BBC.
    FPP is easy and addictive.
    Same goes with zippered pouches!

    We missed you guys at New Years!