Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gray and Orange Lies

Ok, when I said I was making a mostly gray quilt for my 14 yo, I lied (there's been a lot of those lately). It's half gray, half orange. He's been begging for an orange quilt for 4 years now, so I thought I'd finally acquiesce. Although in my defense, the backing is going to be almost entirely (if not entirely) gray.

Not that I don't love orange or him, I love both. But he's an incredibly high energy kid (can we say adHd) and we just don't need to add a high energy color with a high energy kid, even if you are snuggling under it. I thought of colors to temper the orange and I wasn't feeling any of them. So I went with charcoal and gray.

I was hoping not to give off too much of a Halloween vibe, but my husband says I failed. Miserably. Oh well. Aside from Halloween, it also reminds me of our preferred state college (at least over the other major state college in our area), so there's a bonus.

I've been telling my son (who is once again begging for an orange quilt after seeing this for the past week on my design wall) that this one is destined for charity and he can't have it....

 Oh the lies!! I feel so guilty!! I can hardly wait for Christmas and the lies to be over with!! I'm such a horrible person, using charity like that. I seriously should go straight to...well, for me it would be anywhere with lots of shedding animals (including my own shedding animals) and I would be dressed in fleece. And I couldn't change. Yeah. That's where.

Anyway, now I just need to quit lying to my kid, finish piecing this, quilt, bind, and wrap!

Oh yeah, I saw this quilt in a catalogue somewhere, sometime recently. Can't remember where. And I just kinda figured it out. Pretty sure that's allowed, right??  I mean, a 16 patch and quarter square triangles, how hard is that? Right? We're all good?

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  1. I love that you are making a gift for your son right in front of him! He will likely need therapy to get over it.....just kidding, lol!

  2. As someone who loves the color orange, this is a wonderful quilt. I'm sure he will relax under it. Great job, Mom!

  3. Halloween never came to my mind until you mentioned it! Ignore Brian! Big D is going to love this, and what a fun surprise when he finds out it's his. I really like this pattern. Did it take long? Did you make strips and then cut the 16 patch? How are you going to quilt it?

    1. Oh good, glad Halloween didn't just jump right in :)

      No, this didn't take too long, but it did take longer than it could've. I did not strip piece. I cut out 3 1/2" squares and sewed 'em all up. I wanted it to be completely random and scrappy, which it is. Which is also why I didn't strip piece. But it also made me realize how much I hate pressing. I hate it. A lot.

      And I'm going to try my hand at QAYG. Never done it before, but how hard can it be? We'll see how it turns out. XO

  4. He's going to be so happy! I think it looks awesome, even if it's not the calmest quilt in the world! It doesn't look that Halloweenie to me, just masculine. I didn't even think Halloween until you said it.

    1. I sure hope he'll be happy! And how crazy can you get snuggling under a quilt? Keep your mind above ground :) I'm glad it doesn't look Halloweenie and looks masculine. Yay! Can't wait to finish it!! XO