Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wordy WIP Wednesday

Okay, so I just realized that there's (not including today) a week left until Halloween!! Considering that only my 6 year-old has told me what she wants to be and no one else, I have now decided that costumes will be coming out of the "pretend bag" Grandma gave us last year.

My 6 year-old wants to be a cowgirl/witch. She wants to ride around on a broom instead of a horse and wear a witch hat instead of a cowgirl hat, but the rest be cowgirl stuff.... *sigh* So pretty much 2 costumes. It's a good thing we already have boots, guns, and bandanas. So I guess I'll be making a witch's hat, and luckily, I have a broom that'll work. Maybe I should make a black cape, too? I don't even know, I have Halloween block this year. I sadly haven't even decorated, and it's my favorite holiday!! My garage has been under quarantine for the last two months, so I have no decorations. Don't ask.

So there's that WIP. A witch/cowgirl costume, my undecided 14 year old boy, 9 year old boy, and 2 year old boy costumes due in a week.  Stressing. I'm stressing out just typing this.

I've started Rachel's Vintage Penny Patch QAL. I've been gathering fabric for a quilt for my mom and have been stumped as to a pattern to use with it. Until now! I'm pretty excited about this one. So excited, that I've just started without Rachel. Oops. I'm sure I'll do it all wrong, or at least, the most time-consuming way, but that's okay. At least I'll feel like I'm doing something. The fabric is Daydream by Cyndi Walker for Riley Blake. It came out a couple of years ago. I have a layer cake and charm pack and yardage. My mom loves it, so that's all that really matters.

I do not know why everything comes out so yellow-looking in my bedroom (which is where my design wall is). 

Which then reminds me about my MIL quilt. The one my dear, cute husband asked me if I would have done by the time she came to visit in January. "Uhhhhhhh.......No." I'll just make her a new one. I explained that I don't have the equipment to quilt a CA king size quilt. So, I'm gonna start a yellow and blue quilt for her. Nope, don't have the fabrics. Or the pattern. But I'll figure something out. Maybe I'll make an all white one for her. I dunno. I'll make something. Maybe with this new fabric I got last week...or maybe not.

Does this count as a WIP? It's a reading-in-progress. Well, I haven't actually started it yet. After preordering it on amazon, then reading all the REALLY bad reviews...not sure if I want to. But I will, eventually.

Here's the slow, slow turtle quilt for Scotty.  This is the part I've machined and below is the hand-quilted part.... Not sure about it, but at least it will be done and he can use it, right?

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  1. Gorgeous hand quilting! Every time I think about how long it'd take to do something like hand quilt, I see a picture like this and totally reevaluate that hesitation ;)

  2. Not quite sure how I missed this post..? Good luck on costumes! I guess boys don't have ideas for costumes? My girls have been planning theirs since summer. I say Dalin should fend for himself. That's my rule after 13. Rip up some dirty old t-shirts and let Scott be a zombie. You must have some hand-me-down something for Wyatt!
    I HAVE to ask about the garage. What happened?
    I think the fabrics for your mom's quilt are super pretty.
    I think you are doing the right thing for Scotty's quilt.
    Good luck with our mom! She's reeeeeaaaaalllllly picky about yellows. No gold tones whatsoever. I'd stick with all blues if I were you. Plus, it wold match the carpet! ha ha

  3. Yes, boys are so different! Dalin just told me today that he wants to be the Gamemaster from Hunger Games...uhh, okay. After seeing Ellie's costume, Wyatt decided that he wanted to be a cowboy. Scott still doesn't know and doesn't really care that much. So now I have two cow people, a Games master and a...?
    Ugh, the garage...ugh. I don't even want to talk about it.
    Yeah, I know how picky she is. I have that 80's country farmhouse blue and yellow in my mind. No mustard, no gold... Not that I really have any of those colors, but still. And maybe just a churndash, or some easy peasy pattern. But more than likely, I'll start it next year and give it to her when they come out for Ellie's baptism next December.