Saturday, October 19, 2013

Estae Sale Finds

I met up with darling Christine at an estate sale in Farmington yesterday morning.  I love a good hunt, especially when I can spy a sewing machine in the online ad.  This sale had an old Elna, but for $200 I could pass it up.  Here's what came home with me.

This big ole vintage turkey candle.  I have several smaller ones I pull out at Thanksgiving, but none so large.  He's in pretty great shape, too.

A pile of notions that includes some pretty velvet ribbon, a ton of buttons to cover, and old tapes in the prettiest colors.

I was happy to find a box of old scissors at the sale.  Most are Wiss, which I believe is a pretty good brand.  The biggest one is a pair of pinking shears, and according to my mother, Wiss was the first brand to manufacture pinking shears.  Anyone know about Wiss?

Turns out this brand from Germany makes medical instruments.  That should probably gross me out a little, but it doesn't.  They are dull though, and now that I think about it, THAT is pretty gross. 

This brand is pretty recognizable.  I wasn't aware Henckel made anything other than kitchen shears, so I need to do a little research on it.  These are still very sharp and lovely to use.   I was delighted to find them.  

But the find of the day happened when I was practically out the door.  I was scanning the bookshelf while in the check-out line, when my eyes happened upon these two spines.  

I'm a lover of old books, especially ones with pretty spines, and especially when they are this color.  Bonus that they were two titles I've read.   I pulled them out of their case and found this:

Luckily, I'm also a lover of creepy.  

I grabbed them without a second thought and held my breath.  Nothing I brought to the checkout counter was marked, so I knew I could be facing some tough choices.  The young women looked at my lot of loot, and debated for a little while.  She finally said, "How about $15 for all of it?"


I think I got a screamin' deal!

It wasn't until I got to the car that I was able to leaf through the books and noticed that the spine said "Engravings by Fritz Eichenberg."  I'm also a lover of engravings. 

Creep-o-rama, right?!  Look at the crazy in Heathcliff's eyes!  But, if you know the story, crazy eyes are totally appropriate.  Well done, Fritz.

I snapped a quick pic of the books to text to my Mother-in-law, fellow lover of books, pretty spines, engravings and creepy.  Turns out *and this is my favorite part of the story* that she had those same books in her family library when she was a little girl.  The first time she read Wuthering Heights, it was from this edition!  Can you believe it?  She still has the Jane Eyre, and I believe one of her sisters took Wuthering Heights.  How cool is that?  

I think it was meant to be.

XOXOX, Pinspot


  1. First of all $15. FANTABULOUS! The scissors you can have sharpened at Joann's, they usually have someone come in once a month to sharpen. I paid $6 to have my ginghers sharpened last month! The books are awesome, how fun! But the turkey, oh my!

  2. Score!!! Sounds like a fun day and you definitely found some good loot!! Estate sales are so fun and you never know what kind of goodies you may find.

  3. You really found some fun stuff! I haven't been garage sale-ing in ages.

  4. Oh those books!! So jealous!