Sunday, July 14, 2013

What Should I Do?

On June 4th I got an email saying I won ten FQ's from the AGF Fat Quarter Gang giveaway on the blog Always Expect Moore, a blog I don't follow. I responded with my address and asked the blogger a question. She didn't respond.

Two weeks later, when I hadn't gotten the FQ's, I sent the blogger an email just to make sure she'd gotten my response. She replied saying she had forwarded my email to AGF.

Last week when I got home and still had not gotten the FQ's, I emailed the blogger and said: "Hello, This is a little awkward, but I thought you'd like to know I never got the prize from AGF. Thank you, Mindy Carlson"

She hasn't responded. I emailed her because if I had a sponsor, I'd want to know if they were unreliable. And also, I want the fat quarters!

Also, last year when I won ten yards from that project challenge, AGF forgot to send them. I emailed a month after and timidly reminded them about the prize. They were super apologetic and sent the prize right away. I've always wondered why AGF wasn't more popular. Their prints can be a little... different. But the hand is unmatched. And they are very generous. The new designers they hired have brought more modern prints, and I thought that would help popularize them. Now I'm wondering if it's because they have poor business practices or something.

I dunno. What would you do?


  1. You could try contacting AGF directly. Try taking a screen shot of where you won, showing your name or something and also send all the emails you have with Always Expect Moore. That might get you places? Sorry about this, it sure replaces that euphoric feeling of winning something with disappointment.

  2. Do you think it's greedy or obnoxious to contact them?

    1. I dunno. That would be my concern as well. Did you LOVE the bundle you won? If not, I'd probably let it go. If so, I might drop them a line. Good luck, I really am sorry you are in this position. Maybe it's just summer and people are on vacation and it was temporarily forgotten....

  3. Bummer! I would contact AGF directly, just like jenn said. Then I would let it go. So weird!