Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fabric PSA

Fabricshack.com is one of my favorite sites. They have a huge selection, a healthy sale section, and half price shipping.

They've just marked down that great Alexander Henry ABC print I bought to 4.98/yd.  They have it in both color ways.

I bought the purpley version of this cute print last week.   I love it.  There's a print to coordinate that's all tiny yellow stars.  It's so cute. 

A few Aneela Hooey prints are on sale.

Lecien Color Basic dots, and some ginghams are only 5.98/yd. I WANT EVERY ONE!

Too many great fabrics.  It's worth a looksee.  Sorry about the iPhone screenshots.

*This message has been brought to you buy www.enableyourfabricaddiction.com*


  1. So I have spent a TON of money on fabric since I got home from Alaska but have been too embarrassed to post how much! I think this is funny that you are here tempting me!

    1. Well now you HAVE to! At least post pics when they arrive.

    2. Jenni, you have no idea how much money in fabric is in my closet.... You've gotta show us what you're buying!

  2. It's unanimous. Fess up, lady!